English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Ideal" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2891956	That would be ideal.	CK	1
278944	The weather was ideal.	CK	1
1396376	The beach is an ideal place for children to play.	CK	1
274348	This is also ideal as a gift.	CM
1618909	Describe your ideal breakfast.	Guybrush88
297524	He is an ideal husband for me.	CK
3096992	This land is ideal for farming.	CK
245142	It was an ideal day for walking.	CK
34815	It's ideal weather for a picnic.	CK
304626	He proved to be an ideal husband.	CM
463328	This island has an ideal climate.	lukaszpp
57677	This site is ideal for our house.	CK
46104	The new method was anything but ideal.	CK
276791	A warm, sunny day is ideal for a picnic.	CM
49323	The house is not ideal, but it's all right.	CM
324773	I want to spend rest of the life pursuing my ideals.	CM
22152	The seaside is an ideal spot for the children to play.	NekoKanjya
328893	The development of a new business idea is no doubt the ideal that everybody wishes for.	fcbond