English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Hurricane" in Example Sentences
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1414988	Tom's house was destroyed by a hurricane.	Spamster	1
939708	Hurricanes are violent storms.	alexmarcelo
939732	Hurricanes are very destructive.	alexmarcelo
939718	Hurricanes usually occur in June.	alexmarcelo
939740	Category 5 hurricanes are the worst.	alexmarcelo
1617827	Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans.	Spamster
682498	After the hurricane, their house was a wreck.	Source_VOA
733816	The pier took a real beating from the hurricane.	darinmex
2267276	In spite of the hurricane, the ship reached port.	_undertoad
35049	The death toll from the hurricane climbed to 200.	U2FS
939738	The category of a hurricane depends on its wind speed.	alexmarcelo
1065840	The hurricane has already caused havoc in the Caribbean.	ondo
1540403	The scarecrow in the backyard fell over during the hurricane.	madhatter5
939746	A category 5 hurricane can reach speeds of about 155 miles per hour.	alexmarcelo
682320	Victims of the hurricane received financial aid from the government.	Source_VOA
1989596	Lady Gaga gave $1 million to the Red Cross to help the victims of hurricane Sandy.	Spamster
1066780	The American news is reporting that Hurricane Irene is as big as Europe, which is a bit of an exaggeration.	CM