English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Hunger" in Example Sentences
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1545481	Tom died of hunger.	CK	1
64033	I have hunger pangs.	CM	1
37286	Tom satisfied his hunger by eating some sandwiches.	CK	1
707144	I'm dying of hunger.	papabear
18157	Hunger is the best sauce.	papabear
257005	I felt faint with hunger.	Dejo
18161	Hunger drove him to steal.	papabear
44700	The animal died from hunger.	CK
480146	The old man died from hunger.	CK
46142	The meal satisfied his hunger.	CK
306275	They are suffering from hunger.	CK
807119	Many died of hunger and disease.	Source_VOA
273780	The whole world hungers for peace.	CM
3287122	There's nothing worse than hunger.	CK
1344022	Let's eat now. I'm dying of hunger.	Chrikaru
326348	Many of the workers died of hunger.	CK
807233	Soon, their hunger turned to anger.	Source_VOA
24500	Thousands of people died of hunger.	CK
1588705	This poor cat almost died of hunger.	CM
313153	She was driven to stealing by hunger.	CM
807322	In some places, people died of hunger.	Source_VOA
317924	The refugees struggled against hunger.	CK
3227236	Hunger can make people do stupid things.	CK
2711909	Hunger can make people do stupid things.	CK
49730	The apple appeased my hunger temporarily.	CM
271120	Some people in the world suffer from hunger.	CM
290055	He satisfied his hunger with a sandwich and milk.	CK
1222722	I ate a large dinner and my hunger was satisfied.	CK
2033512	Because of hunger and fatigue, the dog finally died.	CK
317312	She had some cookies to stay her hunger until dinner.	Swift
34702	A piece of bread was not enough to satisfy his hunger.	CK
43472	The traveler fainted from hunger, but soon he came to.	CM
2890524	Every year, millions of people die of hunger in Africa.	AlanF_US
843068	Many people are suffering from hunger around the world.	J_S
295599	He fainted with hunger and fatigue, but came to after a while.	CM
18160	Hunger compelled the boy to steal money from the cash register.	papabear
67756	Those who are suffering from hunger in Africa need urgent help.	CK
932544	For him, hunger was an abstract concept. He had always had enough food.	FeuDRenais