English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Huge" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2123596	It's huge.	CK	1
2248848	It was huge.	CK	1
2111434	That's huge.	CK	1
2236718	Tom is huge.	CK	1
2233693	This is huge.	CK	1
2248969	It'll be huge.	CK	1
2387442	I need a huge favor.	CK	1
2647375	Tom's eyes are huge.	CK	1
2772972	We had a huge fight.	CK	1
2772971	We had a huge dinner.	CK	1
2380382	I made a huge mistake.	CK	1
2891578	It's going to be huge.	CK	1
3316615	This basement is huge.	CK	1
2772937	I ate a huge breakfast.	CK	1
2772944	This is a huge mistake.	CK	1
2359585	I've got a huge problem.	CK	1
259921	I came into a huge fortune.	CK	1
1895544	You've made a huge mistake.	CK	1
2772980	You're making a huge mistake.	CK	1
2400055	The concert was a huge success.	CK	1
2772974	We have a huge job ahead of us.	CK	1
911205	There's a huge hole in the wall.	papabear	1
2360897	I hope this isn't a huge mistake.	CK	1
275491	They say that a huge dam will be built.	CK	1
1868291	Tom has a huge bruise on his right leg.	CK	1
1095974	Tom and Mary had a huge fight this morning.	CK	1
318838	My father is paying back a huge loan on our home.	CK	1
18346	Seen from the sky, the river looked like a huge snake.	CK	1
533955	The net is huge.	tomkun01
572577	What a huge dog!	fliegster
1694967	I had a huge dog.	alexmarcelo
2292583	He has a huge ego.	Hybrid
1526299	The demand is huge.	Spamster
2216732	His biceps are huge.	Hybrid
1524773	That's a huge organ.	Spamster
1672635	That's a huge trophy.	Guybrush88
279781	Tokyo is a huge city.	CK
3330440	I gave Tom a huge hug.	CK
897405	The Milky Way is huge.	alexmarcelo
713320	He made a huge mistake.	Cirilo
1211489	I'm a huge fan of golf.	alec
908858	We made a huge mistake.	Guybrush88
766019	China is a huge country.	eastasiastudent
1629909	It was a a huge success.	Spamster
35900	New York is a huge city.	papabear
2944300	Brazil is a huge country.	Hybrid
1436544	He lives in a huge house.	Eldad
2569247	Russia is a huge country.	Eldad
2772947	Tom gave Mary a huge hug.	CK
311788	She lives in a huge house.	CK