English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Hostage" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2648349	Tom is my hostage.	CK	1
2243143	They have hostages.	CK	1
1140974	Tom was held hostage.	CK	1
3023288	Tom was taken hostage.	CK	1
2546635	I'm being held hostage.	CK	1
1533902	Tom freed the hostages.	Spamster	1
2278290	They don't usually take hostages.	CK	1
2400059	The hostages were bound and gagged.	CK	1
681885	The terrorists released the hostages.	Source_VOA	1
1029787	Tom and Mary were held as hostages for three months.	CK	1
1316522	He tried to be brave while he was being held hostage.	CK	1
1961450	I thought Tom and Mary were going to use me as a hostage.	CK	1
3023685	Tom is being held hostage.	CK
3312412	We have a hostage situation.	CK
2643406	Consider yourselves hostages.	CK
270371	The hostages will be released.	CK
802388	They refused to release the hostages.	Source_VOA
270372	All the hostages were released unharmed.	CK
282802	The criminal didn't let the hostages go.	CK
3121736	Tom is in charge of the hostage negotiation.	CK
2640283	Tom and the other hostages have been released.	CK
277332	Sooner or later, the hostages will be released.	CK
277322	Sooner or later, the hostages will be set free.	mcq
270370	The hostages will be released before Christmas.	CK
1972647	Send in something to eat or I'll kill a hostage.	CK
327355	Russia expresses regret for those lost in the hostage incident.	CK
270369	The fate of the hostages depends on the result of the negotiation.	CK
1316524	He tried to behave as bravely as possible while he was being held hostage.	CK
1507603	The terrorists brought rope with them so that they could tie up all the hostages.	wrarshad91