English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Horror" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2546932	Tom watched in horror.	CK	1
2322735	I don't like horror movies.	CK	1
1026039	Tom doesn't like horror movies.	CK	1
906778	What's your favorite horror movie?	CK	1
1027623	Does Tom enjoy watching horror movies?	CK	1
1108078	Tom seems to enjoy watching horror movies.	CK	1
2645768	Tom screamed in horror.	CK
2980150	Do you like horror movies?	Hybrid
2958202	Tom stared at Mary in horror.	CK
33129	I'm going to see a horror film.	CK
237860	My brother likes horror movies.	CK
680101	Are you afraid of horror movies?	Source_VOA
63165	Carol often watches horror movies.	CK
311216	She drew back in horror at the sight.	CM
313240	She threw her arms around him in horror.	CK
908717	Who's your favorite horror movie character?	CK
33132	I get goose bumps when I see a horror movie.	Zifre
696955	He shuddered with horror at the grisly sight.	darinmex
261063	I remember the horror I felt when she screamed.	CK
246903	Words cannot describe the horror I experienced.	CM
2792269	Tom was offered a leading role in a horror movie.	raggione
49870	I couldn't bring myself to see the horror movie again.	CK
315717	She turned away in horror at the sight of so much blood.	CM
33131	Some people derive pleasure from watching horror movies.	CK
462396	She threw her hands up in horror when she saw what he had done.	lukaszpp
2684390	I couldn't sleep last night, so I decided to watch a horror movie.	Hybrid
1084092	That horror movie was very scary and I couldn't sleep after watching it.	Scott
329076	Psycho-horror films dealing with the mysteries of human psychology are popular these days.	fcbond