English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Homesick" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2713784	I'm homesick.	CK	1
2245791	I got homesick.	CK	1
2107539	Tom's homesick.	CK	1
33712	I feel homesick.	CK	1
1482618	Tom is homesick.	Spamster	1
2648865	Are you homesick?	CK	1
1140972	Tom was homesick.	CK	1
2648379	Tom felt homesick.	CK	1
527211	He must be homesick.	blay_paul	1
249536	All of us were homesick.	CK	1
1092448	Tom was a little homesick.	CK	1
1727063	I am homesick.	thrash242
1282992	I'm getting homesick.	Guybrush88
244056	At first, Meg was homesick.	CK
283284	I took for granted that he got homesick.	CM
2985671	I get more homesick as the months roll by.	sharptoothed
275858	Alone in the big city, I began to get homesick.	CM
268300	He had not been in Tokyo a month when he got homesick.	CK
32659	I'm still feeling a little homesick and so many things seem strange to me.	CM
283511	He came back not because he was homesick, but because he was running short of money.	CK