English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Hole" in Example Sentences
Page 1

295871	He dug a hole.	CK	1
3171598	Tom dug a hole.	CK	1
2335890	I fell into a hole.	CK	1
1662303	Tom is digging a hole.	Amastan	1
56033	There's a hole in this.	CK	1
452264	They're digging a hole.	CK	1
53894	I got a hole in my jeans.	CK	1
2033159	I want you to dig a hole.	CK	1
48258	The dog was digging a hole.	CK	1
301706	He dug a hole in the garden.	CK	1
285912	There is a hole in his sock.	CK	1
59570	There's a hole in this sock.	CK	1
263150	We dug a hole in the ground.	CK	1
2361417	I don't see any bullet holes.	CK	1
18089	There is a hole in your sock.	Zifre	1
1311406	There's a big hole in your sock.	CM	1
911205	There's a huge hole in the wall.	papabear	1
1094197	Tom dug a hole in his front yard.	CK	1
17262	There is a big hole in your stocking.	Swift	1
2047741	Tom, be careful you don't fall in the hole.	CK	1
2064964	We must find something to plug up this hole.	CK	1
1094679	Tom didn't notice the bullet holes in the wall.	CK	1
1028977	Tom dumped Mary's body into the hole he had dug previously.	CK	1
54707	I've botched things up so bad I wish I could find a hole to climb into.	CK	1
1026672	Tom coaxed the mouse out of the hole in the wall with a piece of bread.	CK	1
508839	Dig a deep hole.	kebukebu
1479375	It is a black hole.	AsliAbbasi
1413608	There's a big hole.	Spamster
680647	How deep is the hole?	Source_VOA
448981	Badgers dig deep holes.	blay_paul
48412	Let's plug up the hole.	CK
884398	The hole is big enough.	alexmarcelo
306434	They are boring a hole.	Swift
1334983	The box has holes in it.	CK
2545816	Tom filled up the holes.	CK
1522131	Tom scored a hole in one.	Spamster
250306	There's a hole in my coat.	CK
1557252	The story is full of holes.	Spamster
1637154	He has holes in his clothes.	Spamster
714352	I've worn holes in my socks.	Guybrush88
2493996	My shoes have holes in them.	Hybrid
770059	The mouse ran into the hole.	marloncori
1676719	There are holes in the roof.	Spamster
299693	He burned a hole in his coat.	CK
71728	I found holes here and there.	CM
315799	She tore a hole in her dress.	Nero
1676718	There are holes in the floor.	Spamster
312100	She tore a hole in her blouse.	CK
48745	The argument is full of holes.	CK
48413	The hole is two meters across.	CK