English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Hobby" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2953109	It's just a hobby.	CK	1
594511	What's your hobby?	CK	1
250133	My hobby is skiing.	CK	1
1258647	My hobby is cooking.	CK	1
251137	My hobby is fishing.	darckense	1
1258651	My hobby is reading.	CK	1
270881	Swimming is my hobby.	CK	1
2646222	What are your hobbies?	CK	1
2645665	What are Tom's hobbies?	CK	1
2094834	Everybody needs a hobby.	CK	1
301125	He has a lot of hobbies.	CK	1
71140	Do you have many hobbies?	CK	1
251131	My hobby is playing golf.	CK	1
1026962	Tom brews beer as a hobby.	CK	1
2575348	I need to find a new hobby.	dipdowel	1
251144	My hobby is taking pictures.	CK	1
39381	Playing tennis is his hobby.	CK	1
2094841	Everyone should have a hobby.	CK	1
286646	His hobby is painting pictures.	CK	1
251134	My hobby is listening to music.	CK	1
251142	My hobby is collecting old bottles.	CK	1
323534	Making model planes is his only hobby.	CK	1
2396261	It's nice that Tom finally has a hobby.	CK	1
37356	Tom's hobby is collecting photos of cars.	CM	1
286645	His hobby is painting pictures of flowers.	CK	1
251133	My hobby is music.	CK
22068	I draw for a hobby.	NekoKanjya
1289589	Do you have a hobby?	al_ex_an_der
251149	My hobby is shopping.	CK
312778	Does she have a hobby?	CK
1542552	It started as a hobby.	Spamster
2949204	What are your hobbies?	freddy1
28675	Aoi's hobby is dancing.	CK
2320385	Her hobby is bodybuilding.	Gulliver
533246	Reading books is my hobby.	boracasli
321511	My hobby is reading comics.	CK
251145	My hobby is reading novels.	CK
1419656	My hobby is weight lifting.	kansaijesse
70576	Tell me what your hobby is.	CK
258472	I collect stamps as a hobby.	CK
251126	My hobby is writing stories.	CK
2290703	Fishing is my favorite hobby.	ichivivi20
539834	My father's hobby is fishing.	CK
251129	My hobby is collecting coins.	CK
251146	My hobby is stamp collecting.	CK
52036	Skating is one of my hobbies.	CK
324134	Bird watching is a nice hobby.	CK
69264	Did you talk about your hobby?	CK
1008775	His hobby is stamp collecting.	AOCinJAPAN
251147	My hobby is collecting stamps.	CK