English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "History" in Example Sentences
Page 1

262257	I like history.	CK	1
2236716	Tom is history.	CK	1
790045	I study art history.	Swift	1
262267	I majored in history.	CK	1
2334162	I hated history class.	CK	1
326126	History repeats itself.	CK	1
317489	She majored in history.	CK	1
262268	I like studying history.	CK	1
958893	I love studying history.	FeuDRenais	1
262266	I want to study history.	CK	1
297098	He isn't a history major.	CK	1
262259	I'm interested in history.	CK	1
294067	He studied English history.	CK	1
1669941	I don't need a history lesson.	Spamster	1
1686946	Tom is reading a history book.	Amastan	1
301471	He likes geography and history.	CK	1
1095302	Tom cheated on his history test.	CK	1
1853564	Tom has a history of drug abuse.	CK	1
304790	He has a lot of books on history.	CK	1
1332062	He's studying history at college.	CK	1
1332063	He's studying history in college.	CK	1
326120	The history class starts at nine.	Eldad	1
242232	We had a history quiz this morning.	CK	1
1024984	Tom is interested in French history.	CK	1
251320	My major is medieval European history.	CK	1
64961	I want to teach history when I grow up.	CK	1
1024627	Tom knows a lot about American history.	CK	1
29419	The history of Rome is very interesting.	CK	1
1093411	Tom is very interested in American history.	CK	1
1095808	Tom became deeply interested in art history.	CK	1
1040612	Tom has a long history of getting into trouble.	CK	1
6041	How come you know so much about Japanese history?	CK	1
952862	Tom has a history of arrests for drunken driving.	CK	1
56493	This history book is written for high school students.	CK	1
270658	People have eaten with their fingers from the beginning of history.	CK	1
2048414	Tom is a high school history teacher and a part-time harmonica player in a blues band.	CK	1
370634	He taught me history.	saeb
436367	I am good at history.	lukaszpp
298191	He teaches us history.	CK
2731686	Tom's field is history.	sharptoothed
22107	You are making history.	NekoKanjya
1445302	Mr. Ito teaches history.	CK
259835	I study Japanese history.	CK
790046	I'm studying art history.	Swift
495381	He has many history books.	adjusting
1372506	Does Mr. Ito teach history?	CK
2450031	Oh, that's ancient history!	sharptoothed
680196	Do you like ancient history?	Source_VOA
1977710	He studied military history.	Spamster
287964	He studies American history.	CK