English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Hill" in Example Sentences
Page 1

28932	I walked up the hill.	CK	1
23282	We ran down the hill.	CK	1
295184	He went down the hill.	CK	1
1152407	My house is on a hill.	belgavox	1
2546969	Tom ran down the hill.	CK	1
887349	She raced him down the hill.	CK	1
290676	He lives at the top of the hill.	CK	1
298753	He came down the hill on his bicycle.	CK	1
272170	There used to be a castle on the hill.	CK	1
43327	The old lady walked slowly up the hill.	CK	1
395660	His house could be seen from the top of the hill.	CK	1
1160865	Even though Tom just had his fortieth birthday, I don't think he's over the hill yet.	CK	1
1353722	Ken ran up the hill.	CK
2645404	Tom climbed up the hill.	CK
16214	You must go up the hill.	Swift
1927937	It's as old as the hills.	Scott
2268188	The house is on the hill.	_undertoad
48734	You can ski on that hill.	CK
34290	Brian lives over the hill.	CK
1728957	The school is on the hill.	Guybrush88
295181	He is standing on the hill.	CK
309734	Her villa sits on the hill.	CM
49887	The hotel stands on a hill.	CK
299021	He drove slowly up the hill.	CK
247484	Our school stands on a hill.	Eldad
49372	The house stood on the hill.	CM
804053	The British climbed the hill.	Source_VOA
2761664	The hill looks low from here.	sharptoothed
245101	The top of the hill was bare.	CM
19876	There is a house on the hill.	CK
306346	They began to climb the hill.	CK
2268922	This hill overlooks the city.	_undertoad
293077	He is over the hill, you know.	CM
237800	The army advanced up the hill.	CK
2985509	The ball rolled down the hill.	sharptoothed
43381	The old man stood on the hill.	CK
245757	The children ran down the hill.	CK
19874	Are there oak trees on the hill?	NekoKanjya
2259329	The house is on top of the hill.	_undertoad
48939	The school is located on a hill.	CK
838847	He lives at the top of this hill.	Scott
48727	The hills were covered with snow.	CK
681170	It's good exercise to climb hills.	Source_VOA
804059	The British captured Breed's Hill.	Source_VOA
681963	The children rolled down the hill.	Source_VOA
48153	The old castle stands on the hill.	CK
306345	They stood on the top of the hill.	CK
19855	The hill was all covered with snow.	NekoKanjya
19875	There is a large house on the hill.	NekoKanjya
378809	Who was the man killed on the hill?	CM