English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Herself" in Example Sentences
Page 1

314606	She tried it herself.	TRANG	1
887208	She herself helped him.	CK	1
887067	She devoted herself to him.	CK	1
887087	She disguised herself as him.	CK	1
313812	She killed herself yesterday.	CK	1
310101	She stayed at home by herself.	CK	1
65595	My grandmother lives by herself.	CK	1
272324	The baby cried herself to sleep.	CK	1
1027890	Tom told Mary to behave herself.	CK	1
312766	She enjoyed herself at the concert.	CK	1
312180	She had the hotel suite to herself.	CK	1
311321	She has the large house to herself.	CK	1
31947	Mary looked at herself in the mirror.	CK	1
310849	She has this big room all to herself.	CK	1
887206	She herself gave him something to eat.	CK	1
1028620	Tom insisted that Mary go there by herself.	CK	1
2400095	Tom advised Mary not to go there by herself.	CK	1
1868348	Tom doesn't let Mary go shopping by herself.	CK	1
1950838	Tom can't believe Mary let herself get caught.	CK	1
308978	Her mother lives in the country all by herself.	CK	1
887207	She herself helped him because no one else would.	CK	1
1028228	Tom persuaded Mary not to go swimming by herself.	CK	1
1029721	Tom asked Mary if she had enjoyed herself at the party.	CK	1
326467	The old lady lived in a three-room apartment by herself.	CK	1
1040538	Tom took the gun from Mary before she could kill herself.	CK	1
1877514	Tom noticed that Mary was sitting in the corner by herself.	CK	1
1029023	Tom doesn't think that Mary did all her homework by herself.	CK	1
315170	She took a deep breath and then started to talk about herself.	CK	1
1028316	Tom made it plain that he wanted Mary to do the work by herself.	CK	1
1884487	Tom just stood there watching Mary staring at herself in the mirror.	CK	1
1095146	Tom couldn't completely rule out the possibility that Mary had killed herself.	CK	1
898570	She sold all of her furniture, so she could afford to feed herself and her dog.	CK	1
2311263	Tom offered to carry Mary's suitcase, but she told him she wanted to carry it herself.	CK	1
1092710	Tom told Mary that he didn't think it was a good idea for her to go jogging in the park by herself.	CK	1
312361	She is herself again.	CK
314607	She had to go herself.	CK
264626	She knows herself well.	CM
63472	Karen went there herself.	CK
309906	She is not herself today.	CK
312253	She did it all by herself.	CK
1008961	She tried to kill herself.	AOCinJAPAN
311075	She went there by herself.	CK
320693	My mother lives by herself.	CK
312074	She lived there by herself.	TRANG
316031	She stayed here by herself.	CK
324491	Yumi went there by herself.	CK
881381	Mary hurt herself yesterday.	alexmarcelo
311019	She dressed herself quickly.	CK
312078	She is muttering to herself.	CK
310103	She shouldn't go by herself.	CK