English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Hero" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2248117	I'm no hero.	CK	1
1604619	Tom is a hero.	Spamster	1
1815762	I'm not a hero.	Spamster	1
1868187	Tom is my hero.	CK	1
2649076	We need a hero.	CK	1
2241415	We need heroes.	CK	1
1895594	You're my hero.	CK	1
2269316	Don't be a hero.	CK	1
2648954	Tom died a hero.	CK	1
1867749	Tom was my hero.	CK	1
2241543	We'll be heroes.	CK	1
2648747	They need a hero.	CK	1
2243385	They were heroes.	CK	1
1095813	Tom became a hero.	CK	1
2713699	You're a true hero.	CK	1
2821651	You're quite a hero.	CK	1
2721477	Tom is the real hero.	CK	1
2289001	Don't try to be a hero.	CK	1
2713515	You guys are my heroes.	CK	1
296439	He became a national hero.	CK	1
2049763	I don't want to be a hero.	CK	1
294078	He believes that he is a hero.	Dejo	1
2014010	Tom doesn't want to be a hero.	CK	1
908751	Who's your favorite super hero?	CK	1
25509	I'm a hero.	CK
969134	He is a hero.	Serhiy
2306672	He's my hero.	Hybrid
1815763	He's not a hero.	Spamster
1617002	You are my hero.	Spamster
25867	He is an unsung hero.	sacredceltic
1980485	The real heroes are us.	marcelostockle
804185	Roosevelt was a war hero.	Source_VOA
307391	They consider him a hero.	Eldad
806908	Ulysses Grant was a hero.	Source_VOA
806912	Dewey was suddenly a hero.	Source_VOA
294077	He was regarded as a hero.	CM
249275	We regard him as our hero.	CK
51737	Every man cannot be a hero.	CM
2059921	He dreamed of being a hero.	Spamster
46572	His victory made him a hero.	CK
1284215	The hero became the villain.	CK
3171612	Tom dreamed of being a hero.	CK
2956998	Tom is a decorated war hero.	CK
1742316	They worshiped him as a hero.	belgavox
803002	To the public, he was a hero.	Source_VOA
681165	Every little boy needs a hero.	Source_VOA
307400	They worshipped him as a hero.	CK
71883	Achilles was an ancient Greek hero.	CK
697823	I don't like novels without heroes.	papabear
265864	The hero died at the end of the book.	CM