English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Helicopter" in Example Sentences
Page 1

1024618	Tom knows how to fly a helicopter.	CK	1
2406061	I saw a helicopter flying overhead.	CK	1
1877584	Tom watched the helicopter take off.	CK	1
1093314	Tom landed his helicopter on the roof.	CK	1
2063062	Is something wrong with the helicopter?	CK	1
1024479	Tom made up his mind to be a helicopter pilot.	CK	1
1025630	Tom grabbed the rope that was lowered from the helicopter.	CK	1
2318165	Is it your helicopter?	Gulliver
33897	A helicopter circled over us.	CM
306016	They were rescued by helicopter.	CK
1751937	He knows how to fly a helicopter.	Amastan
33893	The helicopter is flying very low.	CK
3089478	The helicopter landed on the roof.	Hybrid
681162	Have you ever been on a helicopter?	Source_VOA
33895	The helicopter is hovering overhead.	CK
2956352	Tom could hear helicopters overhead.	CK
1650087	Nothing is written on the helicopter.	Guybrush88
2641072	Tom waved at Mary from the helicopter.	CK
2955695	Tom and Mary are both helicopter pilots.	CK
49934	The helicopter hovered over the building.	CK
3130439	The helicopter's waiting for us on the roof.	CK
305978	They made the pilot fly the Navy helicopter.	CK
681161	News stations use helicopters to report on traffic.	Source_VOA
681163	Medical helicopters take very sick people to hospitals.	Source_VOA
718008	Tim's uncle was a machine gunner on a helicopter in Vietnam.	papabear
271439	The government transported goods to the island by helicopter.	CK
33894	Tell those people to back off so that the helicopter can land.	CK
33891	A helicopter is able to take off and land straight up and down.	CM
318022	The speed of an airplane is much greater than that of a helicopter.	CM
1093356	Tom knew a man whose father was a helicopter pilot during the Vietnam War.	CK