English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Happiness" in Example Sentences
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404565	What is happiness?	telsfbay	1
2044465	I wish you happiness.	CK	1
1286932	You can't buy happiness.	CK	1
276541	Everyone seeks happiness.	Dejo	1
920351	Happiness can't be bought.	Shiawase	1
18625	Money can't buy happiness.	CK	1
2007453	Let's talk about happiness.	CK	1
533743	Money doesn't buy happiness.	CK	1
2044718	Do you know what happiness is?	CK	1
305202	We prayed for their happiness.	CK	1
2044799	I wish you nothing but happiness.	CK	1
2044828	I wish you a lifetime of happiness.	CK	1
2044845	Who says money can't buy happiness?	CK	1
2044848	Happiness is sometimes hard to find.	CK	1
2044857	Tom was able to find true happiness.	CK	1
63595	Money does not always bring happiness.	jakov	1
2044884	My only concern is for your happiness.	CK	1
2044894	I hope Tom finds happiness in his life.	CK	1
2376643	I know you'll find happiness eventually.	CK	1
2044915	I wish you both a lifetime of happiness.	CK	1
240836	Everybody has the right to seek happiness.	CK	1
2044962	I wish you both all the happiness in the world.	CK	1
242066	If you try your best now, happiness will come to you.	CK	1
263014	We seek happiness.	markwestcott
2506521	I wish you happiness.	CM
743036	Can money buy happiness?	eastasiastudent
240832	You cannot buy happiness.	CM
40397	Everybody seeks happiness.	CM
297423	He shared in my happiness.	CM
248314	We all wish for happiness.	CK
1647764	Does money bring happiness?	Spamster
18622	Money cannot buy happiness.	Zifre
276425	Everybody desires happiness.	CK
919880	She is drunk with happiness.	Shiawase
920171	Everybody wishes for happiness.	Shiawase
1312809	Happiness is a delicate flower.	CK
2267453	It's hard to achieve happiness.	_undertoad
917797	She was overcome with happiness.	Shiawase
238987	Health is essential to happiness.	CM
306530	They went in search of happiness.	CM
302556	He was jealous of their happiness.	CK
1321924	Happiness is real only when shared.	Guybrush88
309146	Her face was bright with happiness.	CM
414268	I sincerely hope for his happiness.	blay_paul
2118	My heart was filled with happiness.	Zifre
243187	May the new year bring you happiness!	CM
3153306	Money doesn't always bring happiness.	eirik174
40785	No amount of money can buy happiness.	CK
2265993	Happiness is a question of moderation.	_undertoad
3087502	I wish you both nothing but happiness.	Hybrid