English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Haircut" in Example Sentences
Page 1

949996	Get a haircut.	CK	1
1093993	Tom got a haircut.	CK	1
646619	You need a haircut.	darinmex	1
1164401	Tom needs a haircut.	CK	1
2891043	Did you get a haircut?	CK	1
2219889	I don't need a haircut.	Hybrid	1
1164480	Tom just got a haircut.	CK	1
1985745	I need to get a haircut.	FlamingTofu	1
2769825	Please give me a haircut.	CK	1
245132	Do you like giving haircuts?	CK	1
318212	I got a shave and a haircut.	CK	1
268103	Why don't you get a haircut?	CK	1
3098708	Do you think I need a haircut?	CK	1
2871461	I don't want to get a haircut.	CK	1
1167589	He gets a haircut once a month.	CK	1
1341431	It's about time you got a haircut.	CK	1
295904	He gets a haircut three times a month.	CK	1
302452	It cost him 3,000 yen to get a haircut.	CK	1
325416	Frankly speaking, I don't like your haircut.	CK	1
325550	I want to get a haircut before I go on the trip.	CK	1
2331916	I hadn't really noticed Tom got a haircut until you mentioned it.	CK	1
768544	Your haircut was fine.	helmfer
3170972	You need to get a haircut.	CK
1855262	Do you like my new haircut?	Spamster
2774056	Tom needs to get a haircut.	sharptoothed
1959374	Where do you get a haircut?	Flargus
261787	I get a haircut every month.	CK
245133	It is time you had a haircut!	CM
43495	The barber gave him a haircut.	CK
2642880	Tom said you needed a haircut.	CK
3264745	Does Tom like your new haircut?	CK
24780	What I need worst is a haircut.	NekoKanjya
411933	Soon I have to go get a haircut.	Dorenda
305657	They made fun of Jack's haircut.	CK
16382	It's high time you had a haircut.	CK
287337	I couldn't help laughing at his haircut.	CK
287336	I could not help laughing at his haircut.	CK
1959391	Where do you usually go to get a haircut?	CK
1366280	You don't need to get a haircut this week.	CK
3171470	Tom gets a haircut about three times a year.	CK
2640164	I think it's about time for me to get a haircut.	CK
2494128	Tom has gone to get a haircut, but he should be back soon.	CK