English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Habit" in Example Sentences
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2648792	It's a bad habit.	CK	1
278132	Old habits die hard.	CK	1
2275275	Don't make it a habit.	CK	1
25885	Smoking is a bad habit.	CK	1
1929642	That's an annoying habit.	CK	1
953096	Are you a creature of habit?	CK	1
953835	I'm not a creature of habit.	CK	1
325848	Good eating habits are essential.	CM	1
65618	Telling lies is a very bad habit.	CK	1
20827	Eating between meals is a bad habit.	CK	1
294135	He has a habit of sucking his pencil.	Swift	1
1440993	I have to stop that. It's a bad habit.	charlotte13	1
1093604	Tom has the habit of biting his nails.	CK	1
1024209	Tom says that he's a creature of habit.	CK	1
1024352	Tom picked up that habit from his father.	CK	1
992081	Bob has the habit of going to bed at 10:00.	CK	1
2249258	She has the bad habit of always being late.	CK	1
1847676	Could you tell me about Tom's eating habits?	CK	1
953655	I think you should change your eating habits.	CK	1
17274	Your poor memory is due to poor listening habits.	Zifre	1
1318631	She is in the habit of writing in her diary every day.	CK	1
1316912	He has the habit of reading the newspaper during meals.	CK	1
66241	Once a bad habit is formed, it is hard to get rid of it.	Nero	1
280616	Reading is the kind of habit that once acquired is never lost.	Zifre	1
1392882	Once you've formed a bad habit, you can't get rid of it easily.	CK	1
1040616	Tom had the annoying habit of hardly ever answering email messages.	CK	1
28616	Bad habits die hard.	CM
3053602	Old habits die hard.	altusi
2200286	Man is a slave to habits.	freddy1
307245	They have the same habits.	CK
2690899	Old habits are hard to break.	Hybrid
639694	Habits are difficult to break.	darinmex
28635	A bad habit is easily acquired.	CM
47505	He was cured of his bad habits.	CM
1848648	It was her habit to rise early.	Guybrush88
1196573	You should kick that bad habit.	nadsat
28571	Bad habits are easy to get into.	CK
293179	He finally kicked the bad habit.	CM
662585	It's easy to pick up bad habits.	bluepie88
281110	Keeping a diary is a good habit.	CK
395723	That gradually became his habit.	CM
2902589	Try not to make a habit of this.	Hybrid
285031	He acquired the habit of smoking.	CK
285475	I will cure him of the bad habit.	CK
395727	It was his habit to get up early.	CK
51256	You must get rid of such a habit.	jakov
294972	He acquired the habit of snacking.	CK
28575	It's easy to fall into bad habits.	CM
291670	He got out of the habit of smoking.	CM
289069	He scratched his head out of habit.	CK