English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Gum" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2273066	Tom is chewing gum.	CK	1
953193	Do you have any gum?	CK	1
263619	My gums are swollen.	CK	1
2958182	Tom spit out his gum.	CK	1
1025546	Tom had some gum stuck on the bottom of one of his shoes.	CK	1
2528462	I chew gum.	BoriQa
1996949	He chewed his gum.	Spamster
263621	Do your gums bleed?	CK
263622	I have bleeding gums.	CM
263623	You have a gum infection.	CK
1487097	Tom is chewing bubble gum.	Spamster
263626	Your gums are in bad shape.	CK
63568	Some gum stuck to his shoes.	CK
2996326	Hey, does anyone have any gum?	CK
263624	I think I have a gum infection.	CK
263620	I have pus coming out of my gums.	CM
3086947	Tom put a stick of gum into his mouth.	CK
18109	Gum got stuck to the bottom of my shoe.	brauliobezerra
752949	My gums bleed whenever I floss my teeth.	darinmex
906795	What's your favorite kind of chewing gum?	CK
1897683	If you have gum in your mouth, spit it out.	CK
2010166	You shouldn't pop your bubble gum in class.	darinmex
1093923	Tom got some chewing gum stuck on the bottom of his shoe.	CK