English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Guide" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2247756	I'll guide you.	CK	1
2273340	Tom is our guide.	CK	1
2548801	I'll be your guide.	CK	1
297774	He acted as my guide.	CK	1
308176	She acted as a guide.	CK	1
50576	Don't blame the guide.	CK	1
283352	He acted as our guide.	CK	1
2955465	Tom acted as my guide.	CK	1
246418	I'll act as a guide for you.	CK	1
2006495	He's a fishing guide.	Spamster
1508583	Thanks for being my guide.	Guybrush88
251999	My friend will be our guide.	CK
39273	Please show me the TV Guide.	CM
313178	She guided me to the palace.	CM
323560	Guide dogs help blind people.	CK
923829	When is the next guided tour?	boracasli
63797	The guide led us to the hotel.	CK
20930	Is there a tour guide available?	CK
2711651	Tom guided us through the woods.	sharptoothed
277079	Do you have a guide map of the city?	CM
2711615	Where can I buy a guide to the city?	sharptoothed
281651	Can I hire a guide who speaks Japanese?	CM
270898	A pilot guides the ship toward the port.	CM
56919	This book is a good guide for beginners.	CK
73111	An old lady guided us through the castle.	CM
681332	The group hired a guide to lead the hike.	Source_VOA
681120	The tour guide can speak three languages.	Source_VOA
3109239	Tom drives a bus and Mary is a tour guide.	Hybrid
590784	We have guided missiles and misguided men.	darinmex
437017	I want a licensed guide who speaks English.	lukaszpp
681121	The guide sat at the front right of the raft.	Source_VOA
2267397	It was necessary to find a guide for the trip.	_undertoad
268590	My teacher guided me in the choice of a career.	CM
63795	A guide conducted the visitors round the museum.	CM
57155	This is the guide who took us around the castle.	CM
19312	He acted as a guide while I was staying in Kyoto.	CK
23189	We had native guides on our trip to the mountain.	Swift
681119	We hired a guide for our white-water rafting trip.	Source_VOA
30841	Refer to the Users' Guide if you have any problems.	CM
249516	The guide who took us there was only ten years old.	CK
277504	If you travel in China, it is best to go with a guide.	CK
263190	We told our bus guide that we preferred to go shopping.	CK
61248	This guide book will help you to make plans for the trip.	CK
259525	I went with them so that I could guide them around Nagasaki.	CK