English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Guest" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2244996	Be our guest.	CK	1
2242980	They're guests.	CK	1
1868238	Tom is a guest.	CK	1
1893844	We have guests.	CK	1
1164507	Tom is our guest.	CK	1
2549196	You have a guest.	CK	1
2953909	We're guests here.	CK	1
2548882	You're our guests.	CK	1
1852498	Sign the guest book.	CK	1
2954896	You're a guest here.	CK	1
2359797	I have guests waiting.	CK	1
2262752	Our guests are arriving.	CK	1
64669	Our guests have arrived.	CK	1
19903	The guests are all gone.	CK	1
1911454	All the guests have gone.	Eldad	1
2544464	You've been a great guest.	CK	1
2544265	I'll look after our guests.	CK	1
2543907	We're about to have guests.	CK	1
2404149	I rented out the guest bedroom.	CK	1
1397637	The guests should be arriving soon.	CK	1
71181	We enjoyed having you as our guest.	CK	1
1475614	I'd like you to be my guest tonight.	CK	1
60485	This hotel can accommodate 500 guests.	CK	1
255683	I felt as if I were an uninvited guest.	CK	1
1397636	It's about time for the guests to arrive.	CK	1
64659	Our guests should be here within an hour.	CK	1
2030052	I'd like to thank all our guests for coming.	CK	1
2492888	There are fifteen people here, counting the guests.	sharptoothed	1
1531056	They are our guests.	erikspen
2547985	You'll be my guests.	CK
1830626	Have the guests eaten?	CK
2007628	Let's greet our guests.	CK
2425787	We didn't expect guests.	bionicboy
2644625	You people are my guests.	CK
436153	How many guests are there?	lukaszpp
2957267	Tom is the guest of honor.	CK
2892165	These people are our guests.	CK
2955706	Tom and Mary are our guests.	CK
249449	We had six guests to dinner.	CM
1126702	I can stay in the guest room.	nadsat
1548374	We will have guests tomorrow.	CM
1911732	All the guests have gone home.	CK
324608	Do you have guests for dinner?	Nero
31861	The maid announced each guest.	CK
1531068	You're our guest for the week.	erikspen
1078023	How many guests did you invite?	keira_n
2711661	That's no way to treat a guest.	sharptoothed
71258	You are all our guests tonight.	CK
3185245	You can stay in my guest house.	CK
243207	We're having five guests tonight.	CK