English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Guard" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2272808	Tom is a guard.	CK	1
2280257	A guard is outside.	CK	1
2273569	Tom is under guard.	CK	1
2548312	I'll guard the door.	CK	1
3061072	I'll stand guard now.	CK	1
2273194	Tom is guarding Mary.	CK	1
2280258	A guard's been killed.	CK	1
2262276	The guard grabbed Tom.	CK	1
2276351	Tom is a prison guard.	CK	1
2958488	Tom was a prison guard.	CK	1
2546070	I'll guard the prisoner.	CK	1
2048415	Tom is a part-time guard.	CK	1
2033206	I want you to stand guard.	CK	1
2276877	The guards didn't see Tom.	CK	1
2196913	How many guards were there?	CK	1
2544276	I'll guard it with my life.	CK	1
327479	The palace was heavily guarded.	CK	1
1552989	How did Tom get past the guards?	CK	1
1095114	Tom couldn't get past the guard.	CK	1
324269	You'd better stay on your guard.	Nero	1
681118	Tom is a security guard at the airport.	Source_VOA	1
1316537	He entered the bank disguised as a guard.	CK	1
681116	Tom has been a prison guard for ten years.	Source_VOA	1
1024012	Tom was accused of falling asleep on guard duty.	CK	1
1040495	Tom's question caught Mary completely off-guard.	CK	1
1027354	Not knowing what to expect, Tom was caught off guard.	CK	1
1096064	The security guard told Tom that he couldn't take pictures in this area.	CK	1
3360533	There's no guard.	CK
2705620	Two men kept guard.	WestofEden
1787896	Where are the guards?	sadhen
2254060	Can I get by the guard?	_undertoad
318582	I was thrown off guard.	CM
3358611	You caught me off guard.	CK
2021140	You caught me off-guard.	Spamster
3023309	Tom was caught off guard.	CK
2644771	Tom was caught off-guard.	CK
1123492	Don't let your guard down.	Scott
3168195	One of the guards is dead.	CK
1787903	How did you kill the guards?	sadhen
284764	Be on your guard against him.	CM
2912381	How many men are guarding Tom?	CK
262029	I realized I was off my guard.	CK
3239844	It's a closely guarded secret.	Hybrid
2956704	Tom fell asleep on guard duty.	CK
48451	The guard was on duty all night.	CK
868538	The soldiers guarded the bridge.	LittleBoy
2956961	Tom heard the guard approaching.	CK
3329418	We can't let our guard down yet.	CM
2960351	We need to get rid of the guards.	Hybrid
2711633	You can never catch Tom off guard.	sharptoothed