English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Ground" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2111728	I'm grounded.	CK	1
2202919	We're grounded.	CK	1
2202918	Tom is grounded.	CK	1
2202917	You're grounded.	CK	1
2245588	Hold your ground.	CK	1
2359114	I've been grounded.	CK	1
277258	The ground seems wet.	CK	1
2646607	Hold your ground, Tom.	CK	1
2547019	Tom has been grounded.	CK	1
3222959	Tom sat on the ground.	CK	1
2546437	Tom fell to the ground.	CK	1
1860434	Don't make me ground you.	CK	1
2276277	I hear you were grounded.	CK	1
2644061	There's snow on the ground.	CK	1
1956370	Tom is lying on the ground.	CK	1
263150	We dug a hole in the ground.	CK	1
3223052	Tom is sitting on the ground.	CK	1
2776953	Tom put his racket on the ground.	CK	1
2776955	Tom put the racket on the ground.	CK	1
1140977	Tom was grounded for three weeks.	CK	1
326539	We have a lot of ground to cover.	CM	1
954147	Let's establish some ground rules.	CK	1
2776951	Tom laid his racket on the ground.	CK	1
2776950	Tom laid the racket on the ground.	CK	1
277260	We saw the ground covered with snow.	CK	1
915902	He dropped the sausage on the ground.	papabear	1
25254	I heard something fall to the ground.	kebukebu	1
313144	She felt sick and sank to the ground.	CK	1
3287245	There's something lying on the ground.	CK	1
887597	She worships him and the ground he walks on.	CK	1
2031525	Do you want fresh ground pepper on your salad?	CK	1
61630	This is holy ground.	CM
3030952	The ground is too soft.	sharptoothed
277263	The ground is still wet.	CK
3347085	Tom stared at the ground.	Hybrid
2711703	The ground was very rocky.	sharptoothed
675878	I live on the ground floor.	CK
23464	Our team is gaining ground.	NekoKanjya
48231	The dog sniffed the ground.	CK
2268164	The ground was very uneven.	_undertoad
22814	We felt the ground sinking.	NekoKanjya
29639	An apple fell to the ground.	CK
2543815	I thought you were grounded.	CK
681103	The butcher ground the meat.	Source_VOA
2543404	Tom collapsed to the ground.	CK
954443	Toss your gun on the ground.	CK
299481	He lay injured on the ground.	CK
807011	It was foggy near the ground.	Source_VOA
2268160	The ground floor was flooded.	_undertoad
277261	The sun baked the ground dry.	Nero