English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Grass" in Example Sentences
Page 1

684708	Cows eat grass.	notrwanda	1
1830623	Horses eat grass.	CK	1
265289	Keep off the grass!	CK	1
265288	Keep off the grass.	CK	1
249009	We lay on the grass.	CK	1
265285	The grass looks nice.	CK	1
265287	Let's sit on the grass.	CK	1
265293	Don't walk on the grass.	CK	1
46890	The grass needs cutting.	CK	1
306808	They were lying on the grass.	CK	1
250768	My dog often lies on the grass.	Eldad	1
306933	I found them lying on the artificial grass.	CK	1
681349	Tom loves to lie in the grass on a sunny day.	Source_VOA	1
73642	There was a sign saying, "Keep off the grass."	Eldad	1
1024958	Tom is lying on the grass under an apple tree.	CK	1
2602226	Horses eat grass.	Lenin_1917
1538934	Stay off the grass.	SHamp
324871	Sheep feed on grass.	CM
2621196	I'm lying on the grass.	Joseph
298981	He is lying on the grass.	CK
300888	He lay down on the grass.	CK
58795	This grass needs cutting.	CM
300886	He was lying on the grass.	CK
19511	The cows are eating grass.	CK
265294	Don't trample on the grass.	CM
2761738	Don't lie on the damp grass.	sharptoothed
19332	Kyoko is lying on the grass.	CK
61693	Let's sit here on the grass.	CK
954186	My dog sometimes eats grass.	CK
274273	There is frost on the grass.	CK
255200	I sometimes lie on the grass.	CK
315539	She laid herself on the grass.	CK
315540	She wove the grass into a box.	CM
238805	There is no grass on the moon.	CK
1617802	Please do not walk on the grass.	Spamster
58791	This grass is too wet to sit on.	CK
267516	She watched the grass turn green.	CK
315541	She wove the grass into a basket.	CM
326327	The dew is on the leaves of grass.	CM
2641841	Tom sat on the grass next to Mary.	CK
290965	He lay at full length on the grass.	CM
265286	The dog lying on the grass is mine.	CK
1289785	I love walking barefoot on the grass.	CM
1343961	The blades of grass tickled her feet.	Chrikaru
22914	We laid the injured man on the grass.	NekoKanjya
245694	Some children are playing on the grass.	Nero
681096	A field of grass can be quite beautiful.	Source_VOA
1108091	The sheep in the field are eating grass.	emilykamalei
2711583	Don't let the grass grow under your feet.	sharptoothed
273916	Grandmother mows the grass in the garden.	CM