English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Grape" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2261210	Does Tom eat grapes?	CK	1
68625	The grapes are sour.	CK	1
57385	These grapes are ripe.	CK	1
2291891	I asked for grape juice.	CK	1
60579	These grapes taste sour.	CK	1
3171718	Tom doesn't like grapes.	CK	1
991958	Raisins are dried grapes.	CK	1
29226	Wine is made from grapes.	CK	1
1876650	We spent the afternoon eating grapes.	marcelostockle	1
1026964	Tom bought three bottles of grape juice.	CK	1
1027003	Tom bought a bunch of grapes and I ate them.	CK	1
2230659	I like grapes, but I can't eat too many of them.	CK	1
954185	My dog eats grapes.	CK
248284	We got many grapes.	CM
436167	How much are the grapes?	lukaszpp
261563	I like grape jelly best.	CK
34323	We make grapes into wine.	CM
34324	Grapes are made into wine.	CK
292590	He makes wine from grapes.	CK
1830573	I want to eat some grapes.	CK
60309	This wine is made from grapes.	CK
2267114	I want a small bunch of grapes.	_undertoad
255924	I like neither apples nor grapes.	CM
276132	Someone has brought us some grapes.	CK
2268158	The grapes ripened well that summer.	_undertoad
302414	He was too short to get at the grapes.	CK
320559	Mother sent us grapes packed in a box.	CM
34322	I like grapes, but I can't eat so many.	CK
1182896	I like fruit such as grapes and peaches.	Ignoto
60578	These grapes are so sour that I can't eat them.	CK
49953	Those grapes look sweet, but in fact they're sour.	CM
29631	Which do you like best, apples, oranges or grapes?	CK
2951701	A mystery disease caused the grapes to wither on the vine.	patgfisher
694076	She tossed me grapes and I tried to catch them with my mouth.	darinmex
257996	I bought three apples and two bunches of grapes for dessert at the market.	CK