English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Grandmother" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2547097	I'm Tom's grandmother.	CK	1
1030066	Mary is Tom's grandmother.	CK	1
250267	My grandmother was a farmer.	CK	1
285280	His grandmother looks healthy.	CK	1
1290711	My grandmother has become old.	CK	1
65595	My grandmother lives by herself.	CK	1
37361	Tom's grandmother looks healthy.	CK	1
321596	I visited my grandmother's house.	CK	1
1336561	My grandmother loves watching TV.	CK	1
682336	I can't wait to visit my grandmother.	Source_VOA	1
273889	My grandmother paid my way to Boston.	CK	1
1029744	Tom asked Mary about her grandmother.	CK	1
259159	I have a dim memory of my grandmother.	CK	1
2335905	My grandmother fell and broke her hip.	CK	1
310591	She was brought up by her grandmother.	furagwa	1
2050667	Do you play checkers with your grandmother?	CK	1
1894017	My grandmother had an operation in Germany.	CK	1
1336560	My grandmother really likes watching TV a lot.	CK	1
45872	The baby was taken care of by its grandmother.	CM	1
1027134	Tom and his grandmother went to the bookstore.	CK	1
273896	My grandmother is always complaining of the cold.	Dejo	1
909562	She spends time with her grandmother every Sunday.	CK	1
52398	Susan spent the summer vacation at her grandmother's.	CK	1
3281730	My grandmother always said it was a sin to waste food.	CK	1
27278	My youngest brother was brought up by our grandmother.	CK	1
1092150	Tom's great great great grandmother lived in Scotland.	CK	1
1027491	I think Tom's grandmother is too old to wear a miniskirt.	CK	1
1027492	I think Tom's grandmother is too old to be wearing a bikini.	CK	1
953468	I had never eaten any kind of Thai food, so I was pretty excited about going to a Thai restaurant with my grandmother.	CK	1
1362624	My grandmother can fly.	Guybrush88
1499835	My grandmother is sick.	duke
1744424	This is my grandmother.	Djef_Messaoudi
2526358	How old is your grandmother?	dipdowel
2580750	My grandmother had a stroke.	Hybrid
273900	Grandmother looked very well.	CM
1275891	My grandmother lived with us.	Eldad
273903	My grandmother speaks slowly.	CK
237936	We miss our dear grandmother.	CM
1809371	I'm going to my grandmother's.	pne
259156	I love my grandmother very much.	CK
2208105	I'm becoming like my grandmother.	Guybrush88
1176493	My grandmother has a green thumb.	paula_guisard
687620	Where does your grandmother live?	lukaszpp
1447110	My grandmother can cook very well.	Guybrush88
310588	She was raised by her grandmother.	Nero
2744243	Tom was raised by his grandmother.	Hybrid
2211171	His grandmother can't see, can she?	alexmarcelo
259157	I was brought up by my grandmother.	CK
273895	My grandmother can't see very well.	CK
273911	My grandmother made me a new dress.	CK