English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Grade" in Example Sentences
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2329569	I get good grades.	CK	1
293817	He skipped a grade.	CK	1
2407222	I teach third grade.	CK	1
1886738	What grade is Tom in?	CK	1
2273190	Tom is grading papers.	CK	1
16248	What grade are you in?	CK	1
1500186	I'm in the eighth grade.	CK	1
2780649	I'm in the eleventh grade.	CK	1
310220	She was in the eighth grade.	CK	1
2401236	Tom's grades didn't improve.	CK	1
680912	Tom got extraordinary grades.	Source_VOA	1
16905	What grade is your sister in?	CK	1
2451503	Tom got good grades in French.	CK	1
2451476	Tom gets good grades in French.	CK	1
1094547	Tom doesn't care about his grades.	CK	1
2451386	I always got good grades in French.	CK	1
263468	What grade did you get on the test?	CK	1
2329604	I got good grades when I was in college.	CK	1
1887590	I need to talk to you about your grades.	CK	1
3024182	I'm a eighth-grade science teacher in Boston.	CK	1
2388115	I never got good grades in junior high school.	CK	1
3163413	Tom and I have been friends since grade school.	Hybrid	1
2331581	I had a girlfriend when I was in the fifth grade.	CK	1
325715	My parents were satisfied with my grades this year.	CK	1
327635	I dropped out of school when I was in the 7th grade.	CK	1
1093995	Tom got a decent grade on the test he took last week.	CK	1
1026461	Tom did the best he could, but he still got bad grades.	CK	1
953194	Do you have any idea how important your test grades are?	CK	1
246598	The reason why I got a bad grade is that I did not study.	CK	1
1040497	Tom's grades have been slipping, so he really needs to hit the books.	CK	1
1029349	Tom did the best he could, but he wasn't able to get a higher grade than Mary.	CK	1
435638	Did you grade the tests?	CK
2711717	What grade do you teach?	sharptoothed
288371	He is in the tenth grade.	CK
680362	She's got the best grades.	Source_VOA
477358	My grades are above average.	CK
300326	He's proud of his good grades.	CK
256190	I got a good grade in English.	CK
251293	My grade is above the average.	CK
21561	My school grades were average.	CK
2956853	Tom had to repeat first grade.	CK
312654	She got good grades in English.	CK
2956774	Tom gets good grades in school.	CK
257496	I got terrible grades this term.	CK
3171460	Tom got a good grade in science.	CK
681196	Mary needs to improve her grades.	Source_VOA
2322020	My grades at school have gone up.	orcrist
680318	They got an award for good grades.	Source_VOA
300236	He got a good grade in mathematics.	CK
662298	I was in the ninth grade last year.	CK