English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Government" in Example Sentences
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681674	Tom owes the government a lot of money in taxes.	Source_VOA	1
1210696	The government should invest more money in agriculture.	CK	1
258968	I don't agree with the government's policy on education.	CK	1
271452	The government appointed a committee to investigate the accident.	CK	1
903712	There is an urgent need for the local government to help the homeless.	CK	1
73281	In the 1960's, Japanese college students demonstrated against their government.	CK	1
953638	I think it's highly unlikely that we'll ever get any help from the national government.	CK	1
73282	There were demonstrations against the government by Japanese university students in the 1960's.	CK	1
257360	I'm a government worker.	CM
2546025	I'm from the government.	CK
802177	They created a government.	Source_VOA
3315165	I'm against big government.	CK
2267423	It's a democratic government.	_undertoad
1723931	They formed a new government.	belgavox
2784474	Tom is a government official.	sharptoothed
2542746	Tom works for the government.	CK
271490	The government was overthrown.	CK
271476	The government makes us pay tax.	CK
804058	The British government was angry.	Source_VOA
802329	They accepted the new government.	Source_VOA
315777	She is a local government officer.	CM
237780	The army took over the government.	CM
241450	The people set up a new government.	CM
503816	They have elected a new government.	CK
2959083	They recognized the new government.	sharptoothed
322695	Democracy is one form of government.	CK
2890336	They plotted against the government.	sharptoothed
1449879	I have connections in the government.	negativeclock
807302	The government in Baghdad had fallen.	Source_VOA
807303	The government of Mexico surrendered.	Source_VOA
271454	The government provided us with food.	CM
2259613	They revolted against the government.	_undertoad
306550	They sued the government for damages.	CK
802390	They wanted jobs with the government.	Source_VOA
682382	People do not trust a weak government.	Source_VOA
271366	There are several forms of government.	CK
807346	A temporary government was established.	Source_VOA
803152	He urged his government not to sign it.	Source_VOA
1510873	The government is considering tax cuts.	Dejo
271444	The government turned down the request.	CM
681090	Many people do not trust the government.	Source_VOA
807395	The government owed millions of dollars.	Source_VOA
300275	He promoted the idea of world government.	CK
462880	The present government has many problems.	lukaszpp
315325	She's with a government bureau, isn't she?	CK
271446	The government tends to control the media.	CM
866315	The new government has financial troubles.	CM
681874	The protesters demanded government reform.	Source_VOA
681428	They marched in support of the government.	Source_VOA
66566	The British government is against the plan.	CK