English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Goods" in Example Sentences
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318491	The goods arrived yesterday.	CK	1
306546	They attract customers by offering high-quality goods.	CK	1
1747279	The goods arrive by sea.	belgavox
2259635	They sell sporting goods.	_undertoad
3150782	I buy canned goods in bulk.	CK
1702455	The goods arrived undamaged.	Spamster
280024	We sell goods on commission.	CK
38799	How can we buy British goods?	CM
61945	We don't carry leather goods.	CM
44885	The shop carried leather goods.	CK
294789	He buys and sells leather goods.	CK
58509	These goods are in great demand.	CM
2957634	Tom owns a sporting goods store.	CK
48000	The factory produces cotton goods.	CM
44908	The shop sells a variety of goods.	CM
23173	We bought the goods at $3 a dozen.	Swift
804060	Imports of British goods increased.	Source_VOA
59991	The company deals in various goods.	CK
267448	The goods were transported by ship.	CM
3022669	All the stolen goods were recovered.	sharptoothed
318493	The goods arrived in good condition.	CK
254626	I purchased the goods for half price.	CK
56293	Is there much demand for these goods?	CK
44855	They sell imported goods at the shop.	CK
681086	Different countries import many goods.	Source_VOA
241691	Many goods are now transported by air.	CM
2163183	Their goods are of the highest quality.	Source_VOA
802412	They also refused to buy British goods.	Source_VOA
802427	They continued to export goods secretly.	Source_VOA
853242	He was arrested for fencing stolen goods.	darinmex
67898	That store sells a lot of imported goods.	CK
55174	These goods may not be available locally.	CM
49046	The company manufactures electrical goods.	CM
246140	The market was flooded with foreign goods.	CM
55173	These goods are available to members only.	CM
242458	Handmade goods are very expensive nowadays.	CK
2600027	The fence was caught with the stolen goods.	sharptoothed
46560	The goods will be delivered free of charge.	CM
67919	The store is having a sale on summer goods.	CM
807485	These taxes raised the prices on all goods.	Source_VOA
804356	People had more money to spend on new goods.	Source_VOA
49070	That company deals mainly in imported goods.	CK
326647	The market for luxury goods is growing fast.	CM
57415	There is no market for these goods in Japan.	CM
281885	What floor is the daily goods department on?	CM
64243	What kinds of goods do you sell in your shop?	CK
807543	As expected, the price of imported goods rose.	Source_VOA
67928	They sell various kinds of goods at that store.	CK
267416	A merchant is a person who buys and sells goods.	CK
995285	He is on goods terms with all of his classmates.	NickC