English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Gold" in Example Sentences
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2233687	This is gold.	CK	1
2252659	There's no gold.	CK	1
442974	Is that pure gold?	CK	1
2011762	I don't want your gold.	CK	1
260374	I gave him a gold watch.	CK	1
278744	Iron is harder than gold.	CK	1
18578	Gold is heavier than iron.	CK	1
18592	Gold is heavier than silver.	CK	1
1654374	Tom wears a gold wristwatch.	Spamster	1
276188	Who buried the gold bars here?	CK	1
18585	Gold is similar in color to brass.	CK	1
290693	He admitted that he stole the gold.	Wolf	1
2387686	I need to know where Tom buried the gold.	CK	1
18604	The price of gold varies from day to day.	piksea	1
1922110	Tom pried up the floorboards looking for the hidden gold coins.	CK	1
1040516	Tom was reasonably certain that Mary had stolen his grandfather's gold watch.	CK	1
1027517	I think it's highly unlikely that Tom will be allowed to keep the gold that he found.	CK	1
1092733	Tom thought where he put his gold coins was the perfect hiding place. However, he was wrong.	CK	1
1386933	Tom was sad when he discovered that Mary was a gold digger and Mary was sad when she discovered that Tom was poor.	Spamster	1
431042	I need more gold.	kazuya00
352720	Is this pure gold?	zipangu
1077678	Here's a gold coin.	keira_n
1756824	He won a gold medal.	Spamster
1817309	She pawned her gold.	Amastan
1182398	I won the gold medal.	CK
18551	There is a gold coin.	Zifre
1628164	Mary is a gold digger.	Spamster
2217665	He has a heart of gold.	Hybrid
2267383	It was a solid gold bar.	_undertoad
2890436	My watch is gold-plated.	sharptoothed
61234	The cup is made of gold.	CK
2821553	Tom has a heart of gold.	CK
2796906	They're panning for gold.	sharptoothed
806915	Gold was discovered there.	Source_VOA
295474	He went in search of gold.	CM
742802	Gold weighs more than iron.	rpglover64
2711699	How much is that gold ring?	sharptoothed
2711687	Their flag is blue and gold.	sharptoothed
674448	This goblet is made of gold.	yessoos
18611	We had a bar of gold stolen.	Zifre
18626	Gold will not buy everything.	Zifre
807012	It was not easy to find gold.	Source_VOA
20086	All that glitters is not gold.	Swift
63803	Carl showed me the gold medal.	CK
663999	Iron is more useful than gold.	bluepie88
2267807	That business was a gold mine.	_undertoad
802211	They did not have enough gold.	Source_VOA
23126	We all went in search of gold.	CK
2427754	Gold is a very expensive metal.	arnxy20
18583	Gold is far heavier than water.	CK