English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "God" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2253787	Trust in God.	CK	1
269633	Only God knows.	Eldad	1
2218254	You're not God.	CK	1
258848	I believe in God.	CK	1
2549175	You're not a god.	CK	1
248918	We believe in God.	CK	1
15971	Do you believe in God?	Swift	1
299996	He doesn't believe in God.	CK	1
315174	She doesn't believe in God.	CK	1
1026210	Tom doesn't believe in God.	CK	1
1024334	Tom prayed to God for help.	CK	1
269660	Do you believe that God exists?	CK	1
2407155	I swear to God I didn't kill Tom.	CK	1
2407154	I swear to God I didn't do anything.	CK	1
1092820	Tom thinks he's God's gift to women.	CK	1
269643	In the sight of God, all men are equal.	CM	1
433457	God exists.	CK
2213943	God knows why.	Hybrid
1542326	God sent a sign.	Spamster
306925	They thanked God.	CM
269634	May God bless you.	CM
1232222	There are no gods.	jakov
2267561	May God reward you.	_undertoad
1843548	God created mankind.	danepo
1392374	God is always right.	CM
269648	God is our strength.	CM
2150611	It's in God's hands.	galoosh33
2163189	They believe in God.	Source_VOA
1876769	Who believes in God?	marcelostockle
1534289	God bless America.	Spamster
2654287	It was an act of God.	Hybrid
269624	God created the world.	CK
269647	God made the universe.	CK
2153071	Thank God it's Friday.	MrShoval
506536	I don't believe in God.	Zifre
2150612	May God's will be done.	galoosh33
2711731	Tom gave thanks to God.	sharptoothed
2199762	Oh my God, you're drunk.	Hybrid
1058977	Don't try God's patience.	CK
1551289	Music is a gift from God.	Scott
65904	No one has ever seen God.	CK
42298	God knows that it is true.	CM
300176	He was a god to his people.	CM
411074	To love life is to love God.	Scott
51726	All men are equal before God.	CK
2711681	God knows what we'll do next.	sharptoothed
269632	Her faith in God is unshaken.	CM
954978	Nothing's impossible for God.	FeuDRenais
309460	Her belief in God is unshaken.	CM
1229280	Nothing is impossible for God.	Scott