English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Glance" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2236307	Tom glanced away.	CK	1
2236308	Tom glanced back.	CK	1
2236306	Tom glanced around.	CK	1
2243128	They glanced around.	CK	1
2243315	They shared glances.	CK	1
2821657	Tom glanced at Mary.	CK	1
2753139	I glanced at my watch.	Hybrid	1
291762	He glanced at his watch.	CK	1
408632	He glanced at the clock.	blay_paul	1
1025683	Tom glanced at his watch.	CK	1
291022	He stole a glance at the girl.	CK	1
255445	I glanced through the brochure.	CK	1
313861	She glanced through the magazine.	CK	1
2414006	Tom and Mary both glance at John.	CK	1
1024365	Tom only glanced at the headlines.	CK	1
57169	Will you glance through this report?	CK	1
255483	I saw at a glance that he was an ordinary man.	CK	1
293838	He saw at a glance that his daughter had been crying.	CK	1
3023857	Tom glanced down.	CK
302867	He glanced at her.	CK
456685	She glanced around.	lukaszpp
298080	He just glanced at me.	CM
2266261	He glanced at the book.	_undertoad
260655	I glanced at his letter.	CK
2956783	Tom glanced to his left.	CK
315786	She glanced shyly at him.	CK
2956778	Tom glanced at the clock.	CK
3023855	Tom glanced over at Mary.	CK
2956779	Tom glanced at the mirror.	CK
302840	He glanced at her name tag.	CK
2219837	They glanced at each other.	Hybrid
3023856	Tom glanced left and right.	CK
2956782	Tom glanced out the window.	CK
2956776	Tom glanced around the room.	CK
3023854	Tom glanced over his shoulder.	CK
2956785	Tom glanced up at the ceiling.	CK
299439	He took a glance at the papers.	CK
324146	The arrow glanced off the tree.	CM
2541735	Tom and Mary exchanged glances.	CK
2956700	Tom exchanged glances with Mary.	CK
3023853	Tom glanced right and then left.	CK
256116	I recognized him at first glance.	CK
306895	They hurried by without a glance.	CK
2956781	Tom glanced out the window again.	CK
2956784	Tom glanced toward the elevators.	CK
2015295	You might want to glance at this.	CK
321661	I just want to glance at the paper.	CK
311282	She glanced shyly at the young man.	CK
2540016	Tom and Mary glanced at each other.	CK
2956780	Tom glanced at the rear-view mirror.	CK