English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Gentleman" in Example Sentences
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2240991	We're gentlemen.	CK	1
300002	He is a gentleman.	CK	1
2218019	You're a gentleman.	CK	1
68187	Who is that gentleman?	CK	1
284369	He is a real gentleman.	CK	1
1024819	Tom is the perfect gentleman.	CK	1
1023988	Tom was every inch a gentleman.	CK	1
2540724	You're a gentleman and a scholar.	CK	1
269707	A gentleman wouldn't do such a thing.	CK	1
1109178	I'd like to introduce to you the gentleman I told you about the other day.	CK	1
758898	He's a gentleman.	CK
300006	He is no gentleman.	Nero
2253923	This way, gentlemen!	_undertoad
254518	I know the gentleman.	CK
435056	He's a real gentleman.	lukaszpp
2547229	I'm being a gentleman.	CK
304673	He is a fine gentleman.	CK
1595353	He is a true gentleman.	CM
292897	He is quite a gentleman.	CM
3168577	Tom is a true gentleman.	CK
2713449	You're a true gentleman.	CK
3328174	Can I help you gentlemen?	CK
3207295	Gentlemen prefer blondes.	Hybrid
304625	He is a perfect gentleman.	CM
300560	He used to be a gentleman.	CK
292014	He is every bit a gentleman.	CK
914072	I am a gentleman's daughter.	Jane_Austen
2267717	Show this gentleman the way.	_undertoad
292909	He is every inch a gentleman.	CM
295854	He is not at all a gentleman.	papabear
697210	I see a gentleman and a lady.	rpglover64
1477651	Mr. Hawk is a kind gentleman.	CK
431628	Gentlemen, start your engines.	Clavain
292898	He is a gentleman in every way.	CK
873773	He is a very gallant gentleman.	alexmarcelo
283888	He is anything but a gentleman.	CM
68189	That gentleman must be a doctor.	CK
71090	There is a gentleman to see you.	CK
2064579	Does the gentleman speak Turkish?	halfb1t
1476758	He is definitely not a gentleman.	weihaiping
289305	He is what is called a gentleman.	CK
3150661	Let me buy you gentlemen a drink.	CK
2267785	Take this gentleman to my office.	_undertoad
3329729	Can I offer you gentlemen a drink?	CK
1276667	He is a gentleman among gentlemen.	CK
1597893	Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.	fanty
318806	That gentleman usually wears a hat.	CK
269711	A gentleman is always kind to others.	CK
286813	His behavior was that of a gentleman.	CK
681305	The gentleman kissed the lady's hand.	Source_VOA