English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Generous" in Example Sentences
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2202901	Tom is generous.	CK	1
2202902	You're generous.	CK	1
2218375	You're so generous.	CK	1
2218447	You're too generous.	CK	1
2251310	That's very generous.	CK	1
2957345	Tom is very generous.	CK	1
2218488	You're very generous.	CK	1
3023812	Tom has been generous.	CK	1
3325407	Tom was quite generous.	CK	1
1737416	Tom is generous and kind.	Spamster	1
1768862	Tom is warm and generous.	Spamster	1
295480	He is generous with his money.	CK	1
1025036	Tom is generous with his time.	CK	1
1025037	Tom is generous with his money.	CK	1
1093412	Tom is very generous with his time.	CK	1
1025133	Tom is a very kind and generous man.	CK	1
682229	Tom treats his employees generously.	Source_VOA	1
3172373	Are you generous?	CK
3360580	Tom was generous.	CK
3183961	I think Tom is generous.	CK
295111	He has a generous nature.	CM
295123	He is generous to excess.	CM
742038	Meg always acts generously.	Guybrush88
3023784	Tom has been very generous.	CK
304386	He is generous to his friends.	CK
2588677	Why are you being so generous?	Hybrid
21078	Try to be generous and forgive.	CK
300444	He is by nature a generous person.	CM
306395	They are generous with their money.	CK
1241220	It's only the poor who are generous.	Scott
65068	My uncle is generous with his money.	CK
289204	He is always generous to poor people.	CK
2253897	He's certainly generous with his money.	_undertoad
2514088	We thank you for your generous support.	Hybrid
295122	He's very generous, so let's go with him.	CM
681618	I appreciated my neighbor's generous offer.	Source_VOA
3088534	Tom was generous enough to offer me a loan.	CK
395732	Being overly generous is his greatest fault.	CK
418469	How generous you are to give me so much money.	blay_paul
274950	Thank you very much for your generous donation.	CK
15823	You had better not play on his generous nature.	Zifre
519692	Strangely, he passed up her very generous offer.	darinmex
654038	The villagers thought that he was very generous.	CK
3093711	Tom is one of the most generous people I ever met.	CK
3093710	You're one of the most generous people I ever met.	CK
2955697	Tom and Mary are both very generous with their money.	CK
66492	Aunt Isabel is generous and gave us a lot of presents.	CK
1936308	I'd like to thank you for your very generous contribution.	CK
67256	A generous man contributed some two billion yen to charity.	Dejo
3150679	It was very generous of you to buy all these things for us.	CK