English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "General" in Example Sentences
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2407759	I think I get the general idea.	CK	1
681064	Tom gave them a general idea of what he wanted.	Source_VOA	1
27341	In general, consumers prefer quantity to quality.	CK	1
304638	He was promoted to general.	CK
2267403	It was the general opinion.	_undertoad
804375	General Braddock was killed.	Source_VOA
806983	People blamed General Grant.	Source_VOA
2258441	He reached the rank of general.	_undertoad
309708	Her father has a general store.	CK
267464	The general shook hands with us.	papabear
2253860	In general, things are all right.	_undertoad
681220	The general inspected the troops.	Source_VOA
27303	General admission is $7 for adults.	CK
2259487	There was a general drop in prices.	_undertoad
1922451	In general, Japan has a mild climate.	teapot
27354	In general, Japanese are hardworking.	CK
707095	In general, men run faster than women.	papabear
267467	The general commanded them to move on.	CK
2268156	The general gave the order to retreat.	_undertoad
274260	A general election will be held in May.	CK
632918	General Motors laid off 76,000 workers.	blay_paul
288196	He was advanced to the rank of general.	CM
282911	I have a general idea of what he means.	CK
27348	The general feeling is that it's wrong.	CK
246167	The mayor addressed the general public.	CK
1775803	In general, she is a trustworthy person.	Objectivesea
807399	The two generals met again the next day.	Source_VOA
2253892	They hold a general election every year.	_undertoad
807407	General Erwin Rommel was brave and smart.	Source_VOA
301366	He was a general in the Second World War.	CM
807024	General John Pope made a terrible mistake.	Source_VOA
267528	Little girls in general are fond of dolls.	CM
27357	People in general are against the new law.	CK
27304	In general, little girls are fond of dolls.	Nero
27359	In general, young people dislike formality.	NekoKanjya
1650686	The general manager is in the meeting room.	Amastan
2761516	Tom is below the general level of the class.	sharptoothed
681626	A general is a high-ranking military officer.	Source_VOA
803297	He was a much better general than politician.	Source_VOA
67476	Americans, in general, don't like to dress up.	CK
807550	General Jackson failed to capture any Indians.	Source_VOA
632913	General Motors laid off 76,000 of its workers.	blay_paul
250463	My general impression is that it is very good.	CK
327262	General Franks received an honorary knighthood.	CK
274960	A lot of members assisted at the general meeting.	CM
58583	They say there will be a general election this fall.	CM
699993	The general ordered the deployment of two battalions.	darinmex
262687	We purchased 10,000 shares of the General Motors stock.	CK
804087	General Montcalm attacked several British forts in 1757.	Source_VOA
27365	In general, people in America tend to prefer bigger cars.	NekoKanjya