English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Gear" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2245520	Get your gear.	CK	1
2245531	Grab your gear.	CK	1
2549631	Pack your gear.	CK	1
1867914	Tom shifted gears.	CK	1
2957782	Tom put the car in gear.	CK
2644342	Tom put the car into gear.	CK
321137	Be sure to bring rain gear.	jakov
2643875	Tom was wearing scuba gear.	CK
61692	A small gear is missing here.	Nero
26680	Do you have rain gear with you?	blay_paul
47855	The country was gearing up for war.	CM
2253680	Be careful or you'll strip the gears.	_undertoad
3156775	Tom put the car in gear and drove away.	CK
2253684	We spent the afternoon cleaning our gear.	_undertoad
2640526	Tom hopped into the car and put it in gear.	CK
2662716	There's a problem with the plane's landing gear.	CK
269121	We had to gear our lives to the new circumstances.	CM
1386870	When you get on the highway, shift into fifth gear.	enteka
1003954	The contestants are gearing up for the final round of competition.	darinmex
275829	Most public places are simply not geared to people with disabilities.	CM
271959	When I speak to a Westerner, I have to shift mental gears, so to speak.	CM