English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Gaze" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2648377	Tom gazed at Mary.	CK	1
2643988	Tom gazed into Mary's eyes.	CK	1
2412306	Tom and Mary gaze at each other.	CK	1
1028867	Tom gazed at Mary with love in his eyes.	CK	1
683944	He gazed at me.	papabear
430665	He averted his gaze.	witbrock
262191	I stopped and gazed at them.	CK
24553	I gazed at the sea for hours.	CK
63191	Kathy is gazing at the stars.	CK
2152269	He gave me a penetrating gaze.	AlanF_US
534152	At night, she gazed at the moon.	CK
290633	He stood gazing at the painting.	CM
315850	She gazed at me for a long time.	CK
46439	The girl was gazing at the doll.	CK
313763	She sat gazing out of the window.	CK
2712876	Tom gazed deeply into Mary's eyes.	CK
322006	We gazed at the beautiful scenery.	CK
1716762	I quickly turned my gaze to the door.	superdenden
301626	He gazed at the ceiling for a long time.	CK
308987	Her cool gaze made my heart skip a beat.	CM
259182	I gazed out of the window at the landscape.	CK
276905	A man stood behind the gate gazing at the house.	CM
296268	He stood gazing at the sight with his mouth open.	CM
238082	A policeman was gazing at a suspicious pedestrian.	CM
268031	The boy was gazing at a school of carp in the pond.	CM
1356699	Mary sometimes sits still for hours and gazes at the sea.	CK
62337	I could stand here with you forever, just gazing off into the sea.	CM