English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Gather" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2329330	I gather you were hurt.	CK	1
307604	They are gathering nuts.	CK	1
2248003	I'm gathering information.	CK	1
2261240	Everyone gathered around Tom.	CK	1
237748	A crowd gathered at the scene.	CK	1
325243	It was his job to gather eggs.	CK	1
2329331	I gather you were unsuccessful.	CK	1
1025699	Tom gathered together all his belongings.	CK	1
326540	A crowd of people gathered around the speaker.	CK	1
275379	The captain ordered his men to gather at once.	Nero	1
1094529	Tom doesn't enjoy family gatherings very much.	CK	1
1398808	I gathered from what she said that she liked him.	CK	1
2329332	I gathered together my things and put them in my suitcase.	CK	1
1665730	People are gathering.	Amastan
237764	A crowd gathered around.	CM
326217	The train gathered speed.	CM
307085	They gathered in the gym.	CK
64844	Gather your toys together.	CM
248851	We gather here once a week.	CK
2253642	I gather you don't like him.	_undertoad
3022462	Please gather some brushwood.	sharptoothed
47409	He gathered his toys together.	CK
68832	I gather you'll agree with me.	CK
2253644	The car slowly gathered speed.	_undertoad
275424	The typhoon gathered strength.	CM
268519	We have to gather information.	CK
298841	He gathered his books together.	CK
263113	We gathered around the teacher.	CK
451758	A crowd gathered on this street.	FeuDRenais
279026	A rolling stone gathers no moss.	CM
2956748	Tom gathered his stuff and left.	CK
249378	We gather together every Friday.	CK
237745	A crowd gathered to see the fire.	CK
237742	A crowd soon gathered around him.	CK
286664	A crowd was gathering around him.	CK
41038	Dozens of students gathered there.	CM
2253637	He gathered up his things and left.	_undertoad
24492	Thousands of people gathered there.	CK
297160	He gathered his children around him.	CK
306728	I gather that they'll agree with us.	CK
1126217	People gathered at the water's edge.	CK
313960	She gathered her children about her.	CK
30428	You must gather further information.	CK
252183	I gathered more information about it.	CM
29687	The squirrel was busy gathering nuts.	CK
280066	Gather the papers and bring them here.	Dejo
2253640	The crowd gathered around the speaker.	_undertoad
274964	A crowd of people gathered in the street.	CK
41033	A lot of children gathered in the garden.	Eldad
1762022	Gather all of her pictures and burn them.	Amastan