English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Gate" in Example Sentences
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449045	Lock the gate.	CK	1
2249747	Open the gate.	CK	1
2249962	Shut the gate.	CK	1
853133	Close the gate.	piksea	1
2308001	I closed the gate.	CK	1
2956306	Tom closed the gate.	CK	1
1841445	Tom opened the gate.	CK	1
1264224	That's the main gate.	CK	1
323934	The gate is open now.	CK	1
2547233	I'm at the north gate.	CK	1
2958412	Tom unlocked the gate.	CK	1
72484	How do I get to Gate 5?	CK	1
266849	The gate was left open.	CK	1
2546330	Tom walked to the gate.	CK	1
72736	How do I get to Gate 33?	CK	1
321971	I painted the gate blue.	CK	1
56638	This gate needs painting.	CK	1
2544819	I'll walk you to the gate.	CK	1
2643848	We'll meet Tom at the gate.	CK	1
323938	It is time to shut the gate.	CK	1
1867818	Tom unlocked the front gate.	CK	1
1141054	Tom waited outside the gate.	CK	1
1027821	Tom walked Mary to the gate.	CK	1
317219	She crouched down by the gate.	CK	1
272756	I had him paint the gate last week.	CK	1
323927	Do you know the old lady at the gate?	CK	1
43605	The gate is closed all the year round.	CM	1
2400109	Tom and Mary live in a gated community.	CK	1
1027315	The person standing near the gate is Tom.	CK	1
2432293	Tom opens the gate every morning at 8:00.	CK	1
2262765	Tom arrived at the gate and rang the bell.	CK	1
1164168	Tom showed his passport to the man at the gate.	CK	1
328226	There isn't anybody in front of the main gate yet.	CK	1
247195	It began to rain heavily just as we got to the gate.	CK	1
1159970	Tom stood near the gate wringing his hands nervously.	CK	1
1096158	It was Tom's first time to see the Golden Gate Bridge.	CK	1
2095499	Someone who looks a lot like Tom is standing near the gate.	CK	1
898561	When I was feeding my dog, I noticed that the gate had been left open.	CK	1
323921	Fasten the gate.	CM
687650	Where is the gate?	lukaszpp
2645310	Tom ran toward the gate.	CK
37595	What gate do I board at?	CM
3022540	I'll see you to the gate.	sharptoothed
436099	How can I get to gate A-1?	lukaszpp
323929	The gate is closed at six.	CK
37596	What gate is my connection?	CK
304220	He was standing at the gate.	CK
261984	I parked my car by the gate.	CK
43604	The gate is closed at eight.	CK
682209	They walked toward the gate.	Source_VOA