English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Further" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2270477	Don't look any further.	CK	1
2912596	How much further is it?	CK	1
31643	I can't go any further.	CK	1
2545623	I can't swim any further.	CK	1
321623	I can't walk any further.	CK	1
64985	Wait until further notice.	CK	1
2279337	Tom didn't get any further.	CK	1
2396287	May I be of further service?	CK	1
2396176	I'd like to sit further back.	CK	1
1177480	Tom had no further questions.	CK	1
291524	He could not walk any further.	CK	1
2542507	I'll have to study it further.	CK	1
2956377	Tom couldn't walk any further.	CK	1
2169813	I didn't try to go any further.	Hybrid	1
2953614	We don't need to go any further.	CK	1
2642272	We need to discuss this further.	CK	1
53974	Do you have any further questions?	minshirui	1
2301879	I can't ask you to go any further.	CK	1
1877465	Tom didn't want to go any further.	CK	1
512222	He was too tired to go any further.	NekoKanjya	1
328731	It's not worth reading any further.	CK	1
25247	Do you have anything further to say?	CK	1
53972	For further information, see page 16.	CK	1
2952036	I don't want to discuss this further.	CK	1
2951767	Do you require any further assistance?	CK	1
1773779	I don't want to talk about it further.	Spamster	1
2406244	I see no reason to discuss it further.	CK	1
1029908	Tom and Mary are growing further and further apart.	CK	1
2104949	Maybe we can find someplace to park further up the street.	CK	1
2809790	You can't go further.	ExponentialYoghurt
456187	It's a bit further way.	lukaszpp
1553869	Tom took it even further.	Spamster
1620881	Further testing is needed.	Spamster
31560	It's just a little further.	CK
282451	That seat reclines further.	CM
1620882	Further testing is required.	Spamster
54889	I have no further questions.	CK
29876	We want further information.	CM
30336	I have nothing further to say.	CK
2253473	Do you want to study it further?	_undertoad
314409	She can swim further than I can.	CK
1032750	Let us complicate things further.	riccioberto
1557621	Further investigation is required.	Spamster
290050	He looked into the matter further.	CM
2912121	How much further do we have to go?	CK
2121081	I would like some further details.	Arobaz
317811	I'm too tired to walk any further.	CK
43635	I'll check further into the matter.	CM
3329762	Can we be of any further assistance?	CK
30428	You must gather further information.	CK