English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Furniture" in Example Sentences
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2261163	Tom makes furniture.	CK	1
2237419	Tom needs furniture.	CK	1
294433	He deals in furniture.	CK	1
252283	I ordered new furniture.	CK	1
24105	The furniture was dusty.	CK	1
2400176	Tom has lots of furniture.	CK	1
24246	We had a lot of furniture.	CK	1
2276035	I don't have any furniture.	CK	1
3129937	What happened to my furniture?	CK	1
1028663	Tom helps Mary move the furniture.	CK	1
1623891	Tom helped Mary move the furniture.	CK	1
3264765	When did you get this new furniture?	CK	1
250486	There is little furniture in my house.	CK	1
789908	There isn't much furniture in my house.	CK	1
1096000	Tom and Mary bought some new furniture.	CK	1
316619	She has some beautiful antique furniture.	CK	1
1410969	There is a lot of furniture in this room.	CK	1
49409	There is too much furniture in the house.	CK	1
682477	Tom makes beautiful furniture out of wood.	Source_VOA	1
503781	There was absolutely no furniture in that room.	CK	1
1095948	Tom and Mary rearranged the furniture in their living room.	CK	1
1029848	Tom and Mary furnished their house with inexpensive furniture.	CK	1
898570	She sold all of her furniture, so she could afford to feed herself and her dog.	CK	1
3022345	They sell furniture.	sharptoothed
2796046	The furniture was dusty.	CM
913493	Who moved the furniture?	sacredceltic
255804	I prefer modern furniture.	CK
2770661	Do you like IKEA furniture?	Hybrid
2268916	This furniture's in the way.	_undertoad
2144699	The new furniture came today.	oneconor
807037	There is almost no furniture.	Source_VOA
681891	We removed the old furniture.	Source_VOA
1675367	Who needs that old furniture?	fanty
419249	That furniture is my mother's.	CK
319493	The room was bare of furniture.	CM
3348155	The new furniture arrived today.	_undertoad
44243	The room was devoid of furniture.	CM
680636	We have great deals on furniture.	Source_VOA
317095	She dusts the furniture every day.	CK
2796045	The furniture was covered in dust.	CM
2268764	They arranged the furniture badly.	_undertoad
2667311	Tom wants to change the furniture.	meerkat
49318	The furniture belongs to my mother.	CK
44212	The room was crowded with furniture.	CK
503779	There was no furniture in that room.	CK
257928	I have to part with my old furniture.	CM
1795957	The room originally had no furniture.	ifethereal
251761	There is little furniture in my room.	CM
258696	I polished up the floor and furniture.	CK
50164	The truck carried a load of furniture.	CK