English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Fulfill" in Example Sentences
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2301282	I can no longer fulfill my obligations.	CK	1
1669927	I find my job fulfilling.	Spamster
20029	Try to fulfill your duty.	CK
287742	His prophecy was fulfilled.	CM
256819	I tried to fulfill my duty.	CM
248560	We fulfill our obligations.	CM
264773	You must fulfill your duty.	CK
1396905	He finally fulfilled my request.	CK
1144167	You should fulfill your promises.	CK
2266187	He didn't fulfill his obligations.	_undertoad
2956488	Tom didn't fulfill his obligations.	CK
1103323	They did not fulfill the conditions.	supplementfacts
305806	They failed to fulfill the conditions.	CK
1153938	He sacrificed his health to fulfill his duty.	belgavox
272943	My teacher encouraged me to fulfill my ambitions.	CK
24931	I was determined to fulfill my duties at any cost.	NekoKanjya
478210	Many people encouraged me to fulfill my ambitions.	CM
287164	The desire he has had for years has been fulfilled.	CM
697691	He couldn't fulfill the promise he made to his father.	papabear
1316751	He couldn't fulfill a promise he had made to his father.	CM