English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Fruit" in Example Sentences
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1120822	I eat fruit.	cntrational	1
1121362	I like fruit.	cntrational	1
49290	The fruit went bad.	CK	1
2647087	Thanks for the fruit.	CK	1
1499507	There's a lot of fruit.	CK	1
23942	You seem to like fruit.	CK	1
2367	Do you want fruit juice?	CK	1
2299562	I brought you some fruit.	CK	1
2275896	I didn't order any fruit.	CK	1
1362579	He eats nothing but fruit.	CK	1
23936	Won't you have some fruit?	CK	1
1025848	Tom eats nothing but fruit.	CK	1
906765	What's your favorite fruit?	CK	1
1192397	This fruit doesn't taste good.	CK	1
1449839	What kind of fruit do you want?	CK	1
249453	We ate fresh fruit after dinner.	CK	1
1362583	He eats nothing other than fruit.	CK	1
318959	My father does not eat much fruit.	CK	1
23935	Please help yourself to the fruit.	CK	1
63508	California is famous for its fruit.	CK	1
23933	Please help yourself to some fruit.	CK	1
1449791	What's your favorite kind of fruit?	CK	1
1362581	He doesn't eat anything except fruit.	CK	1
1025211	Tom insists on eating fruit every day.	CK	1
1950120	Tom took an apple from the fruit bowl.	Spamster	1
239497	Strictly speaking, a tomato is a fruit.	CM	1
954803	You should wash fruit before you eat it.	CK	1
1362580	He doesn't eat anything other than fruit.	CK	1
281177	What's the most delicious fruit in Japan?	CK	1
1025847	Tom eats nothing but fruits and vegetables.	CK	1
2976547	It seems that Tom only eats fruits and vegetables.	CK	1
269325	Fresh fruit and vegetables are good for your health.	darinmex	1
2327209	I found a good place to buy fruit a couple of days ago.	CK	1
1830477	You should eat a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables.	CK	1
1025849	Tom eats mostly fruits and vegetables, and only eats meat about once a week.	CK	1
2167386	It's a fruit.	alexmarcelo
434998	He sells fruit.	lukaszpp
1484061	I am eating fruit.	Citrine
1120753	She's eating fruit.	cntrational
1604652	I like dragon fruit.	Spamster
2267024	I like canned fruits.	_undertoad
61946	They grow fruit here.	CK
2196006	Is sugar cane a fruit?	acbarbosa
1701381	This fruit tastes bad.	mookeee
309583	Her efforts bore fruit.	CM
1611607	I don't want any fruit.	Guybrush88
682130	The fruit tastes sweet.	Source_VOA
1658664	Do you like fruit salad?	Guybrush88
285989	His hard work bore fruit.	CM
455795	I would like fruit juice.	lukaszpp