English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Frown" in Example Sentences
Page 1

37029	Tom frowned.	CK	1
2647528	Tom frowned at Mary.	CK	1
2236299	Tom frowned slightly.	CK	1
2645895	Tom frowned to himself.	CK	1
2273681	Tom was frowning slightly.	CK	1
308461	I couldn't understand why she frowned at him.	CK	1
1029381	Tom couldn't understand why Mary frowned at him.	CK	1
303035	He frowned and turned away.	CM
2958267	Tom tasted the stew and frowned.	CK
266786	The man who stepped out was frowning.	CK
296798	He frowns on his wife's wasting money.	CM
2956777	Tom glanced at his watch, and frowned.	CK
53502	A frown may express anger or displeasure.	CK
2253420	My friend frowned as she read the letter.	_undertoad
320689	Mother frowns upon us eating between meals.	CM
294985	He took off his glasses and frowned at the nurse.	CK
941286	Killing your spouse is one way to end a marriage. However, it's frowned upon.	CK