English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Friendship" in Example Sentences
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269568	True friendship is priceless.	CM	1
2487176	True friendships last forever.	CK	1
73517	Write an essay on "Friendship".	CM	1
1970213	I don't deserve your friendship.	CK	1
2487177	A true friendship will last forever.	CK	1
905092	Friendship lasts longer than memories.	jessie0422	1
1954555	We can't let this ruin our friendship.	CK	1
1970214	I envy the friendship Tom and Mary have.	CK	1
2033981	I don't want anything to jeopardize our friendship.	CK	1
1087154	Tom wasn't ready to accept Mary's love or friendship.	CK	1
2045880	I hope this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.	CK	1
1970217	I've always been a little jealous of your friendship with Tom.	CK	1
1970208	I value our friendship.	CK
262035	I believe in friendship.	Eldad
51622	Sports nurture friendships.	CK
2643896	Tom values your friendship.	CK
23333	Our friendship did not last.	CK
23334	Our friendship remained firm.	Swift
2948913	Your friendship is important.	mervert1
324321	Friendship bound them together.	CM
780852	What is better than friendship?	ingenius000
1918316	Friendship is a matter of trust.	Spamster
317669	Their friendship moved us deeply.	CM
252876	I value your friendship very much.	CK
503856	Your friendship means a lot to me.	CK
1970212	I've decided to end our friendship.	CK
1970209	I value our friendship a great deal.	CK
24608	Nothing is as precious as friendship.	NekoKanjya
456565	Our friendship will last a long time.	lukaszpp
682305	Your friendship has great value to me.	Source_VOA
20896	A hedge between keeps friendship green.	CM
3150815	Do you think you can buy my friendship?	CK
324323	Friendship is the most precious of all.	Nero
1970215	I want to be worthy of your friendship.	CK
257308	I am bound to him by a close friendship.	CK
1970210	I hope this doesn't ruin our friendship.	CK
1970211	I hope this won't affect our friendship.	CK
886607	Your friendship is very important to me.	alexmarcelo
660412	Nothing is more valuable than friendship.	Nero
1970207	I value our friendship more than anything.	CK
2184767	Nothing is more important than friendship.	FeuDRenais
306704	They mistook my politeness for friendship.	CK
238676	Friendship is as precious as anything else.	CM
256404	I value your friendship more than anything.	CK
271197	Is world peace made possible by friendship?	CM
324325	Friendship consists of mutual understanding.	CM
322233	Real friendship is more valuable than money.	CK
1477403	There is nothing as important as friendship.	CK
1185804	Friendship and happiness cannot be separated.	eastasiastudent
682489	The worth of friendship is greater than gold.	Source_VOA