English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Friday" in Example Sentences
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1764758	Is today Friday?	CK	1
1151784	Today is Friday.	CK	1
1358780	How about Friday?	CK	1
1789142	Tom took Friday off.	Spamster	1
433868	Finally, it's Friday.	CK	1
2358684	I have a date on Friday.	CK	1
264264	Please come next Friday.	CK	1
3185833	We get paid every Friday.	CK	1
2046771	Are you busy Friday night?	CK	1
1951525	We can't do this by Friday.	CK	1
69479	What will you do on Friday?	CK	1
680163	Tom was alone on Friday night.	Source_VOA	1
18472	Friday is when I am least busy.	CK	1
247968	We went to a dance last Friday.	CK	1
1109216	Tom hates to work late on Friday.	CK	1
1970485	What're you going to do on Friday?	CK	1
1024970	Tom is leaving on a trip on Friday.	CK	1
2539781	I'm going to a party Friday evening.	CK	1
2539621	We're having a party Friday evening.	CK	1
2018880	Who wants to work on a Friday night?	CK	1
18468	I need to know your answer by Friday.	CK	1
1028832	Tom had a date with Mary last Friday.	CK	1
1024971	Tom is leaving for India next Friday.	CK	1
2046887	I think I'm going to be busy on Friday.	CK	1
1027735	Tom went to see Mary the following Friday.	CK	1
2331566	I had a date with Mary last Friday evening.	CK	1
1029812	Tom and Mary often work together on Friday.	CK	1
1026784	Tom can't find a babysitter for Friday night.	CK	1
1029917	Tom and Mary are giving a party on Friday night.	CK	1
73326	It is said that Friday the 13th is an unlucky day.	CK	1
1027148	Tom always wears a tie to work, except on Fridays.	CK	1
18476	There will be a dance Friday night at the high school.	CK	1
57379	It was in this room that we had the meeting last Friday.	CK	1
2042671	Do you want to go out to a movie with me on Friday night?	CK	1
2042680	I'd like for Tom to tell you what he did on Friday night.	CK	1
2050700	Tom and his friends play poker almost every Friday night.	CK	1
2214398	Tom and Mary often go out for dinner together on Fridays.	CK	1
1095364	Tom certainly seemed to enjoy the party last Friday night.	CK	1
2210584	Why don't you call Tom and remind him about the party on Friday?	CK	1
2419492	Tom went out with Mary on Friday night and with Alice on Saturday night.	CK	1
1029906	Tom and Mary are having a house-warming party this coming Friday evening.	CK	1
1954718	Tom can't quite believe that Mary is really going on a date with him this Friday night.	CK	1
1092801	Tom thinks there's a good possibility that Mary will agree to babysit the children on Friday night.	CK	1
1853570	On school nights, Tom goes to bed at nine o'clock, but on Fridays and Saturdays, he stays up much later.	CK	1
786021	It's finally Friday.	hrin
2153071	Thank God it's Friday.	MrShoval
1167649	I wish today were Friday.	CK
708421	I'll see him next Friday.	mindy
954419	They eat fish on Fridays.	CK
2667347	What do you do on Fridays?	meerkat