English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Frequently" in Example Sentences
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1974825	Tom frequently wears a hat.	CK	1
1028897	Tom frequently speaks with Mary.	CK	1
281600	Earthquakes frequently hit Japan.	CK	1
1652083	Tom frequently talks in his sleep.	Spamster	1
312404	She was frequently late for school.	CK	1
1927451	Tom and Mary frequently complained that they never had time to spend together without the children.	CK	1
2662428	I see Tom frequently.	sharptoothed
680984	Do you fly frequently?	Source_VOA
2545621	I frequently talk to Tom.	CK
43514	Such a thing occurs frequently.	jakov
2255627	He frequently neglects his work.	_undertoad
321628	I frequently correspond with her.	CK
2116515	He is frequently absent from school.	freddy1
1676376	I frequently recall my happy childhood.	cathrynm
482395	There are frequently earthquakes in Japan.	Swift
1180919	She frequently gets sugar and salt mixed up.	treskro3
3160500	They wrote letters to each other frequently.	Hybrid
945078	I frequently think about my mother who passed away.	NekoKanjya
841046	She used Skype frequently because she was overseas.	Scott
436605	I frequently go to the islands of Menorca and Ibiza.	lukaszpp
1094036	Tom frequently waits until the last minute to pay his bills.	CK
789005	As soon as I have a dog, I'll start going for walks frequently.	eastasiastudent
2060802	Even the most carefully made plans frequently result in failure.	CK
1126406	Long ago, the Greeks would frequently hold great athletic events.	nadsat
287875	He frequently jumps from one topic to another while he is talking.	CM
1168215	Tyrannical governments frequently imprison their political opponents.	CK
1168216	Tyrannical governments frequently put their political opponents in prison.	CK