English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Freeze" in Example Sentences
Page 1

21140	I'm freezing.	CK	1
52011	It's freezing.	CK	1
2203686	We're freezing.	CK	1
2248831	It was freezing.	CK	1
2238747	Tom stood frozen.	CK	1
3327477	Can you freeze it?	CK	1
2764249	He froze to death.	CK	1
2249296	It's still frozen.	CK	1
44614	The meat is frozen.	CK	1
239985	The lake was frozen.	CK	1
277309	The pond froze over.	CK	1
3178383	You must be freezing.	CK	1
301909	He was frozen to death.	CK	1
1398	It may freeze next week.	CK	1
277295	The pond has frozen over.	CK	1
1074385	We almost froze to death.	CK	1
2953594	We could freeze to death.	CK	1
1140979	Tom was freezing to death.	CK	1
23280	We were nearly frozen to death.	CK	1
1093642	Tom has never bought frozen apples.	CK	1
1074387	We came dangerously close to freezing to death.	CK	1
37810	The weather was so cold that the lake froze over.	CK	1
262254	I always buy fresh vegetables instead of frozen ones.	CK	1
2160489	Freeze!	Dreamk33
361585	It was freezing!	blay_paul
1234247	Are you freezing?	Guybrush88
449066	It's frozen hard.	CK
3170848	I'm freezing cold.	Hybrid
2662432	My feet are frozen.	sharptoothed
3071602	My toes are frozen.	sharptoothed
269819	It is freezing cold.	CK
2253275	My feet are freezing.	_undertoad
1977556	It's freezing in here.	Spamster
2149123	He froze in his tracks.	Hybrid
465369	My computer has frozen.	sysko
311601	She froze for a moment.	CM
259286	I was frozen to the bone.	CM
28743	Lake Akan is frozen over.	CK
3030948	The lake is frozen solid.	sharptoothed
307230	They were frozen to death.	CK
43453	Bring the frozen fish here.	CK
34063	I'm dying for frozen yogurt.	CM
243387	It might not freeze tonight.	CK
48228	The dog was frozen to death.	CK
243391	I think it'll freeze tonight.	CK
282778	The plank froze to the ground.	CK
2662378	All the pipes froze last winter.	sharptoothed
48713	Please freeze the fish and meat.	CK
19460	The milk froze and became solid.	CK
33905	I froze at the sight of the snake.	CK