English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Freedom" in Example Sentences
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2011364	I want my freedom.	CK	1
317705	They fought for freedom.	TRANG	1
2011977	What we want is freedom.	CK	1
1094508	Tom doesn't have a lot of freedom.	CK	1
266259	The prisoner was given his freedom.	CK	1
239796	Freedom of speech is restricted in some countries.	CK	1
2159	Freedom is not free.	kebukebu
270465	People love freedom.	CK
18623	Money cannot buy freedom.	Zifre
322693	Democracy encourages freedom.	CK
681012	Is freedom a place or an idea?	Source_VOA
306803	They are struggling for freedom.	CK
2267605	Nations are fighting for freedom.	_undertoad
306891	They fought for freedom of religion.	CK
802387	They also promised religious freedom.	Source_VOA
241448	The people enjoyed a taste of freedom.	CK
244090	The greatest happiness lies in freedom.	CK
28867	We must defend our freedom at all cost.	CK
239797	Freedom of speech was tightly restricted.	CK
272183	There used to be no freedom of the press.	CK
1123578	The surviving refugees longed for freedom.	nadsat
681013	Freedom is the center of American democracy.	Source_VOA
264875	I'm prepared to do anything to protect freedom.	CM
2268728	There's no freedom of religion in this country.	_undertoad
21092	Full religious freedom is assured to all people.	NekoKanjya
289922	He feels this new law will restrict his freedom.	CK
300374	He has the freedom to do what he thinks is right.	CK
17192	You have the freedom to travel wherever you like.	Swift
1787055	Individual freedom is the foundation of democracy.	Dejo
518097	One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter.	darinmex
681011	Women in that country are fighting for their freedom.	Source_VOA
684759	Better bread without butter than cake without freedom.	notrwanda
320976	The freedom of the press should not be interfered with.	CM
2944602	One day's freedom is better than ten years of oppression.	patgfisher
280766	I've always loved the freedom that comes from being introverted.	CM
1988005	Those who are terrorists for some, are freedom fighters for others.	MrShoval
264872	Freedom is so fundamental that its importance cannot be overemphasized.	Dejo
67619	In the U.S., freedom of religion is one of the guarantees of the Bill of Rights.	CM
267285	It took some 150 years of struggling for women to gain the freedom they have today.	CM