English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Frame" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2250246	I framed Tom.	CK	1
2549779	I was framed.	CK	1
1397241	Tom was framed.	CK	1
2241488	We were framed.	CK	1
2706507	Tom is wearing glasses with black frames.	CK	1
299568	He has a small frame.	CM
296955	He was framed for murder.	CK
2253251	He was framed on a murder charge.	_undertoad
1225281	The frame still has to be sanded.	nadsat
313701	She is now in a low frame of mind.	CM
307055	They painted the window frames yellow.	CK
1423979	Do you like the frame on this painting?	etoile
3203704	Tom told the police he had been framed.	CK
2253239	I bought a leather frame for the picture.	_undertoad
1225283	The frame has to be sanded and varnished.	nadsat
48321	The frame of the building is now complete.	CM
682476	In California, most houses have frames of wood.	Source_VOA
3308351	There were several framed pictures on the wall.	CK
21251	The frame itself is worth more than the picture.	NekoKanjya
294771	He framed the picture he had bought on the street.	CM
2253247	Have you framed those pictures I brought in last week?	_undertoad
2662320	Have you framed those paintings I brought in last week?	sharptoothed
2662314	The frame of the house should be finished in a day or two.	sharptoothed
2253237	The frame of the house should be finished in a day or two.	_undertoad
2662312	It's best for Tom not to be left alone in that frame of mind.	sharptoothed
33171	Bob mounted the portrait in a fancy frame, but it was upside down.	CK
32343	Marina Giles left England with her husband in just this frame of mind.	CM
2821009	Tom took the framed photo off the mantelpiece and took a closer look at it.	CK