English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Fortune" in Example Sentences
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2380381	I made a fortune.	CK	1
256145	I had my fortune told.	CK	1
65071	My uncle made a fortune.	CK	1
1093849	Tom had his fortune told.	CK	1
3054184	Tom made a fortune in oil.	WestofEden	1
259921	I came into a huge fortune.	CK	1
1024599	Tom left his son a fortune.	CK	1
3313068	We could've made a fortune.	CK	1
289648	He is bound to make a fortune.	CK	1
1093203	Tom must have spent a fortune.	CK	1
292379	He accumulated a large fortune.	CM	1
52528	John inherited a large fortune.	CK	1
300971	He left a large fortune to his son.	CK	1
2853081	Tom left a large fortune to his son.	CK	1
37305	Tom gambled away a fortune in one night.	CK	1
265610	It cost me a fortune to get my car repaired.	CM	1
1093204	Tom must have spent a fortune on his new house.	CK	1
1023837	Tom's operation was going to cost a small fortune.	CK	1
2716842	It cost me a fortune.	catcher
915886	It's worth a fortune.	papabear
1648863	We'll make a fortune.	Spamster
240788	Fortune smiled on him.	CK
300578	He made a fortune in oil.	CK
300954	He left his son a fortune.	CK
301275	He acquired a large fortune.	CM
2794043	It must have cost a fortune.	Hybrid
1454684	This diamond costs a fortune.	Eldad
273144	A fortune-teller read my hand.	CK
300854	He has a fairly large fortune.	CK
32277	My mistake cost me my fortune.	CK
1818921	They went to a fortune teller.	Amastan
2266241	He gave away his whole fortune.	_undertoad
2265873	Don't risk your fortune on that.	_undertoad
300969	He left his son a large fortune.	CK
1563279	Raising a child costs a fortune.	sam_m
2955455	Tom accumulated a large fortune.	CK
300011	He built on his father's fortune.	Dejo
297852	He is envious of my good fortune.	CM
300762	He risked losing all his fortune.	CM
45366	The man built up a large fortune.	CK
302438	He will come into a large fortune.	CK
257378	I had the good fortune to succeed.	CK
319211	My father left me a large fortune.	CK
34078	Fred left his wife a large fortune.	CK
3202300	Have you ever had your fortune told?	CK
289413	He succeeded to his uncle's fortune.	CM
257379	I had the good fortune to be chosen.	CM
304025	He left his daughter a great fortune.	CK
290802	He left his wife an enormous fortune.	CK
294891	He lost a fortune in the stock market.	CK